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When it comes to pests, make sure your Coachella Valley property is protected with the best preventative and extermination services from Bug Guys Pest Control. We offer a wide range of residential pest control services, including routine sprays, baits, and live animal trapping to quickly solve our customer’s pest problem.

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If you’re a resident of the beautiful Bermuda Dunes community in California’s Riverside County, then you don’t have to worry for a minute about finding dependable professional pest control services in your area. Our company Bug Guy Services can provide them for you no problem.

If you’re tired of unwelcome ants, bees or wasps taking over your otherwise immaculate residence, our skilled and experienced professionals can get rid of the issue efficiently and effectively for you. Our exterminating services in Bermuda Dunes are in no way restricted to just insects, either. We also provide pest control services for properties that have troubles with gophers, mice and rats, for example. If you feel like a stranger in your own home due to the invasion of annoying pests, our technicians can solve your frustrating dilemma in practically no time.

Pests are often particularly abundant when the weather is warm or hot out. If you dread the summer months every year because of the possibility of pests taking up residence on your property, Bug Guy Services will eliminate all of your concerns. All of the technicians on our staff have considerable expertise in the pest management realm. Not only do they know all of the proper methods for getting rid of pests and reducing their numbers significantly, but they also are extremely well-versed in their behavioral patterns. Because of that, they have strong grasps on how to predict their actions and therefore get to the core of their irritating invasions.

If you’re a Bermuda Dunes resident who is absolutely fed up with pests on your property, don’t let the situation linger and get even more out of hand. The sooner you take control of the pests the better. Don’t forget that pests tend to breed very rapidly. If you don’t promptly manage the issue, you could find your situation significantly more unpleasant than it was in the first place.

Residential Pest Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

The presence of pests in the home can also affect the comfort and well-being of residents. If you regularly wake up in the morning with uncomfortable bug bites that have you scratching for hours and hours on end, it’s time to put a stop to the root of the problem — the bothersome pests.

When you hire Bug Guy Services for pest control in bermuda dunes, you can feel fully secure and happy with your choice. Our technicians all receive regular training on the newest and most modern pest control practices. Call us today to make an appointment.

What You Should Know About Bermuda Dunes?

Bermuda Dunes is located just South of 10th and East Washington Street, two busy roads in the area. It is a bustling residential area with a population of just over 7,000 citizens. It is well-known in the area for its large homes and traditional interests in the area include horse, golf, and airplanes.

A New Name

Bermuda Dunes was not always the impressive city that we know today. It was once known as Myoma, which is still carried by the city’s primary water provider. One of its founders owned a land in Bermuda, so thus the community was renamed. It is located in Riverside County in Southern California.

A Residential Haven

Bermuda Dunes has always been one to stands out. Unlike most other Coachella Valley areas, Bermuda Dunes is not comprised of cookie cutter communities and rows and rows of similar housing. It is known for his magnificent estate homes mixed within single family homes. This diverse area has plenty of neighborhood dining opportunities and a well-trafficked airport that also caters to more private or celebrity-type citizens.

The Bermuda Dunes Country Club

This prestigious country club helped cement Bermuda Dunes’ popularity in Southern California. While first seen as a gamble, it quickly becomes an area hotspot. In the late 1950s, the outdated El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs found new life when it was brilliantly transformed into Bermuda Dunes Country Club.

Under the ownership of Ray Ryan and Ernie Dunlevie, it became something much more profitable. While these two men came from different backgrounds, Dunlevie being successful in real estate and Ryan in oil, they came together well and found great success in Bermuda Dunes Country Club.

Celebrity Status

Stars such as Clark Gable, Debbie Reynolds, Cary Grant, Patti Page, and much more have previously made their homes in the quiet and beautiful Bermuda Dunes. It became incredibly fashionable, and even in the early 1960s, the city made millions in real estate as people moved in. To this day, celebrities appreciate the prestige and privacy that they get in Bermuda Dunes.


Bermuda Dunes has flourished in the last five decades, and its community is becoming more and more diverse. From a range of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious preference and more, this community tries to be as open and exclusive as is possible. Truly, Bermuda Dunes is a vibrant and young community and has been a popular destination for many families for decades. The small desert town that was once Myoma is now a brilliant gem in Coachella Valley.

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