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When it comes to pests, make sure your Coachella Valley property is protected with the best preventative and extermination services from Bug Guys Pest Control. We offer a wide range of residential pest control services, including routine sprays, baits, and live animal trapping to quickly solve our customer’s pest problem.

Cockroaches are a bane unto you when they inhabit your space in a residential or commercial setting. You have to deal with cockroach infestation in a determined effort to get rid of them. They like Cathedral City just as they like other California cities and towns because of the warm climate that offers them more food opportunities.

Foraging For Food In Your Home

Of course you didn’t invite them in, but your neighbor might have left food items out in the open. Cockroaches will follow a food trail and will end up in your home simply because they’ve run out of food next door and are searching for a new supply of food. They will forage for food anywhere and that includes your kitchen areas. Our licensed exterminators will demolish the cockroach population at your address and prevent future infestations.

Cockroaches carry a trail of bacteria as they go from place to place, and they deposit the bacteria in your home or business place. The result is that they contaminate your food, kitchen cabinets and countertops. Our eradication product will rid your spaces of cockroaches, and you’ll never need to buy over-the-counter products again that did not get rid of the problem to begin with.

Pesky Spiders

Black widow spiders are known to be quite toxic. If you have noticed them in a specific area, cover your hands by wearing gloves when placing your hands in that area to avoid being bitten by this poisonous spider. Recognize a brown recluse spider immediately. It has a brownish color with a black line that runs down its back. This spider lurks about in basements and garages. Call us for all spider removal needs that you have.

Ants Everywhere In Cathedral City

Ants are everywhere you turn, and some are more coordinated than others. The ants you see in your home here in Cathedral City are more likely to be Argentines. They hide out in potted plants and bathroom sink areas. While they do not bite or sting, they’re definitely pests that should be removed from your home when you discover them in moisture-laden spaces. We can rid your home of these ants.

Fire ants are responsible for nasty stings that hurt. So look out for these pests and get a fast response from us to eradicate these ants and their nests. They will make you and your family members, especially children, very uncomfortable in outdoor settings when they reside inside your home.

Our Services

With years of experience, we offer specialized pest control services of up to the highest industry standards. Let’s have a glance at a few of our service lines.

Live Animal Trapping – the Benefits

Now, it runs without saying that there are quite a few different ways with which you can actively get rid of wild animals damaging your yard and property. However, there are certain things which you need to account for, and humane live animal trapping might as well be the most efficient and certainly amongst the most beneficial things to go for in this case. The reasons are numerous.

Bed Bugs: The Things to Consider

Bed bugs are undoubtedly amongst the most common pest in the USA and throughout the entire world as well. We specialize in handling issues related to bed bugs, and we tend to employ the most high-end and active measurements. With this in mind, here is some additional information which would help you handle the entire thing efficiently.

Obviously, the primary thing that you must consider when it comes to bed bugs is their appearance and the ways that you can identify them. They are reddish-brown regarding color, and they are flat and oval in their appearance. They can get to about 5 mm of length which is roughly the size of a natural apple seed. After they have feasted on a blood meal, they appear to be both swollen and reddish.

Residential Pest Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Termite Control: Professional Services

You might be wondering how to identify the issue and tell if you are experiencing termite infestation? Well, here are a few tell-tale signs that you can look for:

  • Termite droppings – they look pretty much like wood-colored pellets which are rather small and ridged.
  • Mud tubes which are on the exterior surface
  • Wings, which shreds near certain entry points of your house and they are all of the same sizes, more or less.

All in all, make sure to give us a call even if you have the slightest of suspicions.

Top 10 things To Do in Cathedral City

Now, the first thing that you need to know is that Cathedral City is a city located in the convenient and sunny Riverside County in the state of California. It has a population of approximately 50,000 people, and it’s located right between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage. As such, it offers quite a few interesting things that one can do. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and have a look at the ten best of them.

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are fascinating ways of spending your free time with friends. There are a couple of those in Cathedral City as well as a few of them in Palm Springs. Since the city is not far away, you can easily take a trip and have some fun with a bunch of your friends.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloons have always been tremendously fun. However, as you take it from the Cathedral City and everything is left down below at your feet, you will be capable of actually grasping at the beauty of the entire area. It is something astounding.

3. Village Festival

It is an enjoyable time of the year for Cathedral City as a lot of people gather from the nearby towns and come to have some fun. Good music, lots of shopping and some refreshing drinks – all of these will attribute to your overly good mood.

4. The Aerial Tramway

The Aerial Tramway is without a doubt one of the most interesting things you can do in the area. With this in thought, you will be able to view some of the most breath-taking vistas.

5. Celebrity Tours

If you are searching for a fun idea to spend the afternoon with your friends or family, a celebrity tour is undoubtedly something you can try out. It’s cost-effective, and it’s something fascinating.

6. Wet ‘n’ Wild

Are you a fan of water parks? If so, this one is going to appeal to you quite a lot. It’s a great way to blow off some steam while having fun at the numerous water attractions.

7. The Cathedral City Center

The center part of the city alone is something that you might want to take a quick tour. It gives a range of different things to do and see, including various shops and other venues.

8. Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort

Regardless if you are a lover of golf or not, this resort is going to appeal to you a lot. It’s a great destination for your relaxing vacation, and it also has an excellent spa.

9. Escena Golf Club

It is a club which will enable you to experience some of the best golf in the country. It also offers tremendously scenic vistas and colorful sceneries.

10. Boomers!

Who doesn’t love mini-golf? Take your family and spend some incredibly fun time at the Boomers! You won’t regret it!

As you can notice, there are a few interesting things that you can do in Cathedral City! Take advantage today!

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