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When it comes to pests, make sure your Coachella Valley property is protected with the best preventative and extermination services from Bug Guys Pest Control. We offer a wide range of residential pest control services, including routine sprays, baits, and live animal trapping to quickly solve our customer’s pest problem.

The battle against bugs is an ongoing one. The bugs don’t rest and neither do we. We understand the regular rotation of generations of pests that reproduce quickly and get to the work of undermining your investment in a home that you want to see standing strong for many more years to come. It is the reason we also offer customizable services such as monthly, bimonthly or quarterly packages.

People are familiar with the seasonal issues concerning ants, fleas and ticks. Rest assured that as the weather warms up again, we can expect to see their return. Ants, like bees, dedicate their greatest effort to colonizing the areas they choose as their base camps. Whether it is in your garden or within the very structure of your house, it’s what you can’t see that presents the danger of damage to your home and property, not to mention upsetting their social structure.

Some of these pest populations become wrathful when disturbed and can go so far as to take it out on the occupants – YOU! Residents seeking pest control in La Quinta, CA call us to come out because we have a keen knowledge of the behavior of these infestations. We arrive with the best remedies to eliminate and then control the eradication of these creatures.

The bed bug problem that has taken hold in recent years is one of the most unrelenting pest problems we face today. They lay their eggs on the surfaces where they hide, and trying to get rid of them presents a difficult challenge when you are trying to accomplish this all by yourself. They tend to build their populations undetected. As flat as they are, they can remain hidden in a host of cracks and crevices that exist in everything from furniture to clothing to bedding and even the bed itself. This is how they can take such a stronghold.

We have what it takes to eliminate this pesky problem that unfortunately chooses to feed off people while they are sleeping when the body is warm and presents a totally passive target. People are largely unaware of them until the evidence of their nightly attacks are found in the swollen and itchy bites that appear on the back of the neck and just under the hairline. Call us to come out and eliminate this nightmare for you so you can get back to sweet dreams when your go to sleep at night.

Residential Pest Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

We’ve got you covered in the La Quinta and surrounding areas. Call us at 760-565-1203, whether your issues include rodents, live animal trapping, spiders, termites, cockroaches, crickets, beetles, all of these or more. Our team of professional, prompt and courteous exterminators are up to date with the latest remedies to combat all of your pest problems. We will come out to your residential or commercial sites armed with what it takes to take care of you.

Top 10 Things to Do in La Quinta

La Quinta is a famous resort city situated in Riverside County in the illustrious Coachella Valley. Between Indian Wells and Indio, it stands to another great reason to visit Southern California. So, here are the top 10 things that you can do in La Quinta.

1. Learn about their rich history.

Famous for being the place where Frank Capra wrote his screenplay for Lost Horizon, La Quinta has a rich history of hosting celebrities in a part of the valley previously thought to be inhospitable.

2. Visit incredible museums.

If you are visiting La Quinta and need to know more about this incredible history, the La Quinta Museum is where you need to go. Although small in comparison to most other museums, the La Quinta Museum has rotating exhibits, art shows, and delightful local histories that both locals and tourists share. Learn about Coachella’s first golf course, the first highways that connected this area with prominent US Highways and more about this city’s growth.

3. Be astonished by the beauty of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

La Quinta is a home to the Santa Rosa Mountains. This beautiful peak is featured in the ride “Soarin’ Over California” at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Even for those outside of the state, it is a pivotal part of the Golden State.

4. Take the adventure challenge of going to San Andreas Fault.

It is also very close to the San Andreas Fault, which causes some incredible – and dangerous – earthquakes in the area. Some companies can take you on a San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour, which takes you very close to the fault and tests your nerve.

5. Have some family picnic at recreational areas.

Other natural beauty marks include the Lake Cahuilla Recreation Area. It creates an incredible spot for families looking for a great picnic area as well as a great view.

6. Outdoor activities at the park.

Set on beautiful Lake Cahuilla, this area is ideal for RV camping, hiking, and animal watching. The park is home to Bighorn Sheep, who are sighted around the park and never cease to delight visitors.

7. Play Golf and other sports game.

La Quinta is also home to lush Hollywood-type golf and sporting resorts. One of the best in the area is the Silver Rock Golf Resort. As of 2008, it became home to the Arnold Palmer Classic Course. It is one of the four host golf courses in the yearly Bob Hope Chrysler Classic PGA golf tournament.

8. Sightseeing tours of country’s famous golf courses.

Sightseeing tours of golf courses such as the Silver Rock Golf Resort and the PGA West’s Jack Nicklaus Tournament course. As of 2008, Silver Rock Golf Resort became home to the Arnold Palmer Classic Course. It is one of the four host golf courses in the yearly Bob Hope Chrysler Classic PGA golf tournament.

9. Go shopping.

This incredible city life translates into other attractions such as Old Town La Quinta. As arguably one of the most popular places to visit in the city, Old Town La Quinta. This shopping center is quaint in comparison to places like Rodeo Drive, and even Coachella Valley’s El Paseo, but it captures that Old California vibe that just isn’t possible anywhere else but classic La Quinta.

10. Sunday’s best: witness their great and popular events.

With events such as Art Under the Umbrellas, Taste of La Quinta, and a thriving farmer’s market that samples the local area every Sunday.

Although La Quinta was created simply as a way to host the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, it has become an incredibly rousing city – still home to that classic Hollywood vibe. On its own, it is a prime stopping point for those visiting Riverside County or Coachella Valley. Visit the mountains or have an Arnold Palmer in classic celebrity style, because either way, you will have an incredible time in La Quinta.

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