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When it comes to pests, make sure your Coachella Valley property is protected with the best preventative and extermination services from Bug Guys Pest Control. We offer a wide range of residential pest control services, including routine sprays, baits, and live animal trapping to quickly solve our customer’s pest problem.

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Whether you’re struggling with creepy crawly bugs, small rodents, or any other type of unwanted pest in Thousand Palms, CA, you understand the feeling. You feel powerless in your own home, and these problems tend to get worse over time. Your home is likely your largest financial investment, and infestations can diminish its value. You owe it to yourself to sign up for regular extermination services to eradicate the problem, maintain your home’s quality, and put the power back in your hands.

Seasonal Expectations

While evaluating a bug problem, it’s important to consider the changes brought on by the seasons. For example, as the weather starts to warm up, you can expect to see an influx in the presence of pests such as ants, fleas, and ticks. Conversely, when cold weather sets in, small rodents like mice will seek refuge from the dropping temperatures within the walls of your home. By understanding the various pests in Thousands Palms, CA, you can better prepare for their presence before they become more prevalent.

Bed Bugs

One of the most feared infestations in the area is that of bed bugs. Not only do these pests intrude on your home, but they also feed off you and your loved ones while you are in a vulnerable sleeping state. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been an influx in bed bug infestations, and these critters can prove highly difficult to evict from your home for good. If you’re struggling with this problem, it’s crucial that you hire a professional exterminator to address the problem as soon as possible. Every minute delayed allows the problem to worsen, and the pros can get started allowing you to once again enjoy sweet dreams.

Residential Pest Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Getting to the Root of the Problem

There are numerous pests that plague the Thousand Palms, CA area, and your problem isn’t an uncommon one. Unfortunately, baits and poisons found at many retailers often aren’t strong enough to completely eradicate a pest problem. When you rely on the professionals, you can rest assured they use the latest technology and techniques to best ensure they get to the root of the problem. Best of all, they can use their skill to evaluate the home and schedule appropriate follow-up to address potential future problems. The level of comfort you experience in your home is important, and this is an investment that will pay back every day.

The Fascinating Timeline of Thousand Palms

The city of Thousand Palms, California is truly a community that thrives. With a population of a little over 7,600 citizens, there are many active, young families moving into the area in recent years. It was once just a quiet place but has seen quite a lot of movement over the past few years.

Biblical Beginnings

Thousand Palms was once a railroad depot for the Yuma division of the Southern Pacific Railroad. This small branch became a small town known as Edom, a name that the first citizens had gotten from the Bible. In the Bible, Edom was a country founded by Jacob’s brother Esau, located southeast of Israel. One notable Biblical landmark in the region was Mount Seir. Edom is known as an empty or barren land, and thus the area was named for this characteristic.

From Desert Community to Village

Edom did not become a community until midway through World War II when a dirt road was finally cut between Edom and Palm Springs. Travelers came over to the small Southern town and were able to settle down. They built restaurants, pubs, stores, churches, formed clubs based on their interests, and more. People came to Edom and flourished. They became social and connected on a personal and communal level.

Tradition of a Strong Sense of Community

When the late 1940s and 1950s saw a time of deterioration of the roads to Edom became dangerous to travel, the people of the village did not give up. It was not until the early 1960s when an overpass was built at Interstate 10 and Ramon, although many businesses had since fallen into disrepair.

However, they were soon able to build a post office, establishing better access to surrounding areas. Due to the community’s location in the Coachella Valley, it is ideal for both permanent residents, and those came only seasonally. California is a favorite summer destination for many.

Elders Didn’t Want to Give up Edom

While the small community began to adapt to change and become more accessible to larger cities such as Palm Springs and Los Angeles, some old-timers were reluctant to give up the original name of their village. However, it was inevitable as Edom was a town off on the roadside while Thousand Palms was an industrial and residential community.

Ups and Downs Don’t Change a Thing

There have been spans of time that separated the citizens of Edom/Thousand Palms. Economic hard times during the 1970s and 1980s caused this historical town to lose its sense of community. However, with hard work and a belief in Thousand Palms, even the old-timers previously adverse to change were able to come around create a thriving community once again.

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