It is common for pests to find their way into or around the home to create mayhem. A pest control Palm Springs service is essential for keeping your home healthy and under control especially if you live in Palm Springs, CA. Not only that, but it also helps to keep the surrounding area pest-free as well.

The following are ten tips for reducing the number of pests around your home. By following them, you can make a significant difference. This form of pest control is the best because it is preventative.


1. Trash and Litter Free

Ensure that yards, decks, garages, and patios are all free of weeds, standing water, and litter. Trash cans should have tight fitting lids so that you can maintain as well as the area around them.


2. Drains

Debris and gunk can accumulate and attract pests in drains. Make sure that all drains in your sinks, tub, basement and laundry room are all clean and bright.


3. Gaps and Cracks

The whole exterior of your house should be crack and gap free, for pests can enter through them. Loose siding, missing shingles, gaps around wires, and more are all possible areas that pests can get through.


Group of ants on a wood on a blue background.

4. Food

You can place foods that cannot be sealed completely in containers that can do so. Use older food first, and make sure to dispose of old or uneaten foods.


5. Cleanliness

The cleaner that your living area is, the less likely, you are to have pest problems. There will be fewer things to attract visitors to your home.


6. Standing Water

Get rid of any standing or collecting water around your home. It prevents water-loving creatures from making themselves at home.


7. Storing Items

Try not to stack your firewood or other building materials against your home. Proper ventilation is necessary, and you should ensure that you will get to fill any gaps.


8. Plant Care

Any tree branches or shrubs that are touching your home allow bridges to be made by pests to your home. Also, you can use rock and stone instead of mulch close to the home to keep living areas from being created.


9. Check the Roof

Make sure that you will fix all leaks, and that gutters are clear and in working conditions. Pipes and splash blocks should be several feet from the foundation and divert the water away from home.


10. Windows and Doors

One should take care any broken door, windows, or screens that need tending. Pests can wriggle their way through even the tiniest cracks.

If all else fails, a pest control service will be able to help you. If you are lucky and diligent, however, you may not need to go out of your way to prevent these pests. As long as you work to keep things under control, there should be little to no issues.


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