Almost everyone has encountered a mosquito at some point in their life. Mosquitos are typically hard to avoid, especially in spring and early summer. Plaguing family get-togethers like cookouts and pool parties, mosquitos wait for their opportunity to feed. The worst part of getting bit by mosquitos isn’t getting bit; it’s the relentless itch that coincides with the bite.

An interesting fact about mosquitos, you aren’t likely to be bitten by a male. Mosquitos only feed on people and animals to derive nourishment for their eggs. As females are the carriers of the eggs, they are the only ones that need the protein for egg development. Without blood, the eggs aren’t able to mature, and the female is unable to lay them for hatching.

In this article, we’ll go over why mosquitoes bite the itch. We will also go over some of the best remedies for itchy mosquitoes bites you can do at home. 

Woman scratching her arm.

Why does mosquito bite itch?

Many wonder how a little insect can create such a massive impact as the mosquito does. Not only do these insects carry diseases, but their bite and the symptoms that follow are usually the chief complaints. To understand why the bite itches, you have to understand what happens in the process of the bite.

Females will seek out humans and animals for a source of protein to develop their eggs. They have a heightened awareness of the carbon dioxide that is exhaled along with lactic acid just under our skin. When the female lands, she will inject a serrated proboscis, to find a capillary. To render the person unaware of what is going on, she will release salvia at the same time to numb the area. The salvia from the mosquito is what will cause you to itch while stopping the clotting process.

Have you ever noticed that the bite site is itchier after you scratch it? The reason you’ll feel the itch more, and why mom always tells you to stop itching is inflammation. Your skin is already reacting to the salvia. The itching will only make the inflammation worse. It will become a vicious cycle. The more you itch, the itchier it will be. So the number one piece of advice, if you’ve been bitten, is to avoid scratching at all costs!

Cold compress to relieve mosquito bite itch.

Home remedies for itchy mosquito bites

Now that we understand why the itch of the bites, let’s go over some of the best remedies you can try at home. Many of these can be done with things you probably already have at home, making them the best places to start.

Cold Compresses

You wouldn’t think that an ice pack will make that big of a difference, but it does. The good news for people wanting to alleviate the itch is you can use almost anything cold or frozen. This includes cans of soda, frozen foods, and ice wrapped in a paper towel. Apply the cold compress for five minutes. Remove and assess. If still itchy, reapply.

Calamine Lotion

Most families have a bottle of this soothing pink medicine somewhere in their medicine cabinet or drawer. Calamine lotion is great for soothing the skin; after all, it is used to relieve itching from poisonous plants like poison ivy and sumac. With this trick, use a cotton ball to dap product on. You can cover with a bandaid, but it is better to let the area breathe.

The Hot Spoon Trick

The heat will destroy the protein enzymes causing you to itch. The hot spoon trick is perhaps the most effective at offering instant relief. You can heat a spoon in a cup of warm water, safely over a low-heat burner.

The Homeopathic Route

If you’re looking for something more all-natural and homeopathic, very hot and cold compresses, there are a few methods you can try. The first is using a banana peel. Simply rub the inside of the peel directly onto the skin in a circular motion. The second is to apply mud directly to the bite site. Another option is to use toothpaste. 


Benadryl and similar products are great for relieving itch due to an allergic reaction. At the core of a mosquito bite, you have an irritation because of a foreign substance in your body, the saliva of the mosquito. Your body is doing; it’s best to get rid of it. An anti-histamine may take longer to work, but it does a great job of getting rid of the pain. 


No one enjoys being bitten by mosquitos. It is itchy, and if you scratch enough, it can turn painful. Find homeopathic or all-natural relief with remedies right in your home. Choosing a cold compress or heat are the top methods while applying calamine lotion, or taking an antihistamine will also work. 

Better than stopping the itch, preventing mosquito bites is the top solution for avoiding the itchy trap. Professional pest control is the number one way to reduce problematic mosquitos in your yard. Just remember that if you are bitten, don’t scratch. This will heighten the problem, only making it worse.

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