There are two typical foundations for homes to rest on. The first is a pier and beam, and the other is a slab. Regardless of which you have, pests can become a nuisance. For those that are lucky enough to not have any pests inside their home, they might not be so fortunate when it comes to outside their property. 

Outdoor insects, bugs, and spiders can all be waiting outside for a chance to get in. Human homes offer more excellent protection against the elements, as well as a food source. Because your home is so inviting, it’s no wonder, you will find several nearby inching their way around the foundation to find a way in.

concrete beams for house foundation

Carpenter Ants

The most common household pests, by far, are ants. Ants, more specifically carpenter ants, are found along walls and outside the home. These can be seen in groups or just sporadically one here and there. Carpenter ants are found in colonies in the grass, and will only venture into homes searching for food.


No one likes sharing their home with cockroaches. They are regarded as a pest that is difficult to eliminate and can survive under the most severe circumstances or harsh outdoor elements. While they might seem difficult to kill, professional pest control is the top method for reducing and eliminating sightings of cockroaches around the home. It’s not impossible to get rid of cockroaches, but it may take several weeks to remove them. 


The most destructive pest would most certainly be termites. They can destroy housing materials like doorways, doors, or wood structures. Termites can eat their weight in wood and cost homeowners thousands. They are found near the foundation as they are looking for a new food source. You might see these with wings or without depending on their life cycle at the time.

Those that have a pier and beam foundation are more susceptible to subterranean termites. Because there is a crawl space under the home, this is the perfect location for the termites to live. The means and any other part of the structure that is accessible is fair game and at risk. Those purchasing a home with a pier and beam foundation should almost always invest in a termite inspection to rule out a possible infestation to the foundation.


While it might not be the most commonly talked about foundation pest out there, bees are quite a problem. For those that have allergic reactions to their sting, it can be critical to protecting their home from a bee infestation. While you might be worried about the stingers, carpenter bees can burrow and have been known to destroy wood. Wasps are also a common issue surrounding the foundation and something to be aware of.

Rolly Pollies

Most of us are familiar with rolly pollies. They will also bring adults back to the day of being young and playing in the yard. Without a care in the world, we would flip rocks over to find what was lurking underneath. Rolly pollies will forever be that insect that we couldn’t help but poke with a stick and see it roll up, which is how it earned its recognizable name. 

The more technical term for these is pill bugs. While these are certainly not harmful to anyone’s health, they can become rather annoying and can have massive quantities if not dealt with swiftly. The rolly pollie is not only not dangerous to your health, but they do zero damage to your home. Perhaps the greatest threat from having a population around your home is that they will attract predators that prey on them, which include spiders, toads, birds, and frogs.

weed growing on a house foundation

Ways To Control Pests Around Your Home’s Foundation

So, you’ve noticed an infestation of pests around your home’s perimeter. Rather than allow the infestation to continue, you might be wondering what effective solutions there are for eradication. You could also be wondering if there were ways to prevent it from happening. Let’s review some of the top ways to keep pests away from your foundation.

Keep Foundation Clear of Weeds

Grass and weeds are typical insects and bug magnets. Allowing your yard to overgrow will encourage a pest problem. Keeping the area well maintained with routine trimmings and mowing the grass can help greatly. When managing your property and keeping the grass cut, you might stumble across nests or potential signs of an infestation. If so, you can alert your pest controller to your findings. 

Eliminate Excessive Moisture with Gutters

Bugs love moisture. From rolly pollies to termites, moisture sets the stage for an optimal breeding ground. While there isn’t much you can do about mother nature and how often it rains, you can direct water away from your home with a fully operational gutter system.  

Gutters are not only great for stopping moisture around your foundation, but they can also prevent foundational issues like cracks and your home sliding. When you add these fantastic benefits in moving moisture away to avoid pest infestation, it’s a good idea to give some consideration for a sound gutter system.

Excessive moisture may also occur from a slab leak. Slab leaks can be devastating for any property both for attracting unwanted pests and damaging the foundation. If you hear water running at night or have an increased water bill, consider hiring an expert plumbing contractor for an inspection. 

The experts at Mold Remediation Pros mentioned, “Whenever constant moisture is present you can almost always be sure that there is some mold growth in that area. Mold can grow on almost any surface and attracts many types of bugs including cockroaches, mold mites, booklice, termites, and beetles. This is because a moldy environment creates a food source.”

Seal Cracks in Foundation

Any entry point where a bug or insect could find their way in should be sealed off. Though you don’t necessarily want to mask a foundation issue, filling in cracks or gaps could significantly reduce the potential of an infestation inside the home. Sealing up cracks is a simple DIY project that can be completed in just a few hours, if not less. Not only can you do it yourself, but it is incredibly cost-effective too.

Professional Pest Control for 100% Control

When you want the maximum protection for your property, having professional pest control should be at the top of your to-do list. Professional pest control is the best way to ensure your home, including the foundation, is free from all types of pests. The traditional method of spraying the perimeter will offer the most considerable benefits while applying baits in the yard is a close second for results. 

If you’d like to protect your home and its foundation from pests including ants, bees, cockroaches or even rolly pollies contact Bug Guys Pest Control today at (442) 227-8409.