What is it about bees that have everyone so divided? Some people may run in fear from bees; others will defend bees at random conversations with their friends. From an ecosystem standpoint, bees are beneficial. However, from a safety standpoint, they can be quite dangerous to those that have allergies or those that don’t want to be stung. The important thing is to realize the good work bees do, and when encountering an infestation of your property, find effective ways to remove bees without killing them.

Honey bees, for example, are one of the best bees on the planet. Responsible for pollination that mainly feeds the animals we eat and creating honey, they offer excellent benefits that those that love honey can appreciate. But what happens when they start invading your property? In this article, we will go over why you need to remove them, signs of an infestation, and how to get rid of an active bee infestation. 

Why Do You Need to Naturally Remove Bees?

Unfortunately, though bees are great for our environment, it doesn’t mean we want an uncontrolled infestation populating the property. Removing bees can be necessary for a few reasons. The top is safety. Take a look at the top reasons; you should have bees removed from your property.

Allergies to Bee Stings

Is someone in your family allergic to bees? Stings can cause severe reactions, and can sometimes be fatal. For those that have seen My Girl, you know all too well what can happen when bees start to attack someone that is allergic. Some issues that can develop include hives or other rashes and throat swelling shut. When a person that is allergic to a bee is stung, they may quickly need medical attention. The most common medication for a bee sting is an Epi-pen, used to neutralize the reaction.

Bee Stings Hurt

If you haven’t been stung by a bee in your lifetime, count yourself lucky. It is a painful experience. While wasps typically get all the notoriety for stings that hurt, bees aren’t too far behind. If there were a single reason why a homeowner would want to get bees off property, it would be to eliminate the possibility of getting stung.

Bees Can Get Angry

Even if you are minding your own business, if you accidentally disturb the hive, you will have angry bees on your tail. When bees swarm, they usually hit their target. Aggressive bees that swarm have the potential to sting repeatedly. 

Signs of Bee Infestation

Okay, so now that we know a bee infestation can be a bad thing for the residents and visitors to the property, how can we identify the signs of an infestation? The sooner you can identify a hive, the sooner you can get rid of the bees, and it will not be a larger-scale issue.

The Hive Is Present

Seeing a beehive is probably the most active clue that you have a problem. While bees may leave older hives, a busy colony will have bees coming in and out.

More Than One or Two Bees 

More than one bee can quickly become a problem. As soon as they start to reproduce in their hive, there can quickly be more than a hundred bees. Then getting rid of the problem becomes a matter of safety. One or two bees flying around is fine, and shouldn’t be something to be too worried about. When you see a stray bee, they are more than likely pollinating the flowers in the area.

How to Get Rid of Bees?

So now we understand why we want to get rid of a bee infestation, and ways to spot an outbreak, the next logical question would be how can we effectively get bees off the property? More importantly, how can safety get rid of them without injuring ourselves or the hive. How we go about getting rid of bees will vary depending on where the hive is located. How you will approach an active hive in a home versus outside the house will be different. 

How to Remove Bees in the house

When there are bees in the house, this presents a considerable problem. One, it makes the problem more difficult to approach; the second, it can become more dangerous. When bees are in the home, it is imperative you don’t disrupt the hive if you can see it. If you’ve just noticed a few bees in the house, contact your local pest controller to survey the situation. If you’ve found the hive, in a place like an attic, you can either call your local pest controller or beekeeper.  

Bees are attracted to sugary substances. Soda is one may of us have around the home. You can put out a dish in the area where the bees are and a window; opening the window, you can lead them outside. While this might work, it also carries the risk of injury. Consulting with a professional is likely the best choice.

How to get rid of bees on the ground

To get rid of bees that are on the ground outside, there is a natural remedy with vinegar spray. Vinegar is a natural deterrent to many pests, including bees. Create a solution mixture with ¾ vinegar to 1/4 part water and spray the yard. Treating the yard can push the bees away if there are only a few. 

Getting rid of bees in your car

While it might seem unlikely that bees will be in your vehicle, it can happen. Cars that sit are more prone to bee issues, but it isn’t unreasonable to think a bee or two can sneak in your vehicle. If you see one or two, ventilation is usually the best way to remove them. For bees in the trunk, you can try mothballs. Bees hate the smell of mothballs. If you place a few in the trunk of your car, they will go out the same way they came in.

 If you see a hive under your car or in the truck, again, contacting a professional will be the best option. Another method you could try is spraying under your car a solution of cinnamon

Beehives around the house – how to remove

When you find beehives around the home, like on the roofline, it is critical that you don’t mess with the hive. Instead, try sprinkling cinnamon around the area. This is another natural deterrent, like vinegar, that will get bees to relocate without killing them.  

There are natural plant remedies that will make bees bypass your house entirely. Consider adding citronella, eucalyptus, or even a mint plant in your home and outside to repel any bees from stopping and forming a hive on your property. 

Get Professional Bee Removal

So, we’ve gone over five effective methods for getting rid of bees. These include:

  • Sprinkling cinnamon around the hive
  • Spraying the yard with white distilled vinegar
  • Sugar attracts bees; soda can get bees to relocate out of the home
  • For bees in cars, ventilate
  • Consider planting bee-Deterrent herbs around the yard including citronella and mint

While these natural remedies can help in certain situations, having professional treatments are the best solution. Some times call for professional bee removal. You should consider calling your local pest controller if you see an active hive, or there have been more bees appearing. For those that have allergies or children with bee allergies, it would be an excellent idea to take swift action and go straight to getting effective removal from the experts.


Bees are wonderful for our environment. Pollination is an essential part of making the world go round. However, bees can be dangerous, especially to those that have allergies. Removing bees safely is the top priority. Killing bees is bad for the environment. But approaching bees on your own can cause an aggressive swarm, which can be dangerous. 

 The best method of getting rid of an active bee infestation is to call the professionals. Offering the top pest control services in the Coachella Valley area, Bug Guys Pest Control proudly provides effective and safe bee removal around homes and businesses. If you currently have an infestation in your home or office, contact us today! You can request an appointment online or give our office a call.