Birds can be one of the most majestic creatures. The way they fly, perch on the tiniest tree limbs, and help control the insect population are just a few reasons we like having birds around. However, they aren’t always so fantastic, and in more significant numbers can bring with them destructive forces. One of the most considerable problems with flocks of birds is the waste they produce. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they are also unsanitary. Many birds carry diseases that can be extremely harmful to humans, which makes getting rid of unwanted birds a must. Hence, the need for bird control.

The most common bird problem here in California is pigeons. Pigeons make terrible messes and don’t give two hoots about where they do it. While there are specific DIY methods available for bird control, hiring a professional will be much more effective in these situations. In this article, we’ll take a look at what bird control is, the different options for removal, what doesn’t work, and more.

What is Bird Control?

We categorize bird control as eliminating groups of annoying, unwanted birds from the property. There are many methods to choose from, but the top priority is stopping birds from damaging the property further. Bird control is instead a generic phrase for getting rid of and deterring pesky birds that don’t take the hint when you shoo them away. Professional pest control will stop them from landing, roosting, as well as nesting. 

 Aside from pigeons, the house sparrow, crows, and starlings are all native to California and can become an issue for property owners. These birds do create health-related issues through fecal matter. Some of the common diseases that can be transferred include cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis.

A customer’s first impression of a business can impact whether or not they will return. Companies are most affected by large groups of birds because of the damage they can do. Bird poop is not something most people want to see when visiting a restaurant or going to their doctors. Local businesses must protect their properties from being overrun by unwanted birds to keep the landscape clean.


Different Bird Control Products

Below we’ll go into a few of the known methods for controlling and eliminating birds from a property. Some of these are better than others, offering better benefits, while others can be great for a temporary solution. It would help if you considered the long term solutions over the short term for the best results. If hiring a professional pest controller like Bug Guys Pest Control, you can have peace of mind that the best option chosen is the correct one for your unique bird issue. 

Netting Can Be a Good Form of Bird Control

Netting is perhaps the oldest form of bird control and still used today. This method is more for issues with one or two birds, but not with large flocks. While it is active, it can also be time-consuming in the wrong or inexperienced hands. Most DIYers will opt for this method as netting is typically cheap to acquire, and the only thing you’ll need other than the net is your time.

Most store-bought nets are linked to a hoop and pole, making it easier to put on top of the bird. This is perfect for capturing one bird at a time. However, this isn’t the only netting method. A line of nets can be placed to capture several birds, making it more effective for a flock. Once captured, you’ll need to either release the bird elsewhere, like outside if caught inside or have pest control come to pick up. 

Spikes Control Birds Well

As one of the best bird deterrents on the market, you can’t go wrong with bird spikes. There are a few different models offered by the company Nixalite, which allows customers to choose the level of control they want and need based on their budget, size of the infestation, or the birds they are having problems with. Spikes are made from stainless steel, so they don’t rust. Spikes are highly effective at controlling pigeons and sparrows. But these only work if used in areas birds frequent.  

Zap Tracks Are a Good Form of Bird Control

Some might be leary to use a zap track, but these are highly effective. A track is placed on areas where birds roost. They will land on the track and receive a jolt. This causes the birds to fly away. Most will not want to attempt landing for a second time. These have their downsides, which could include killing smaller birds and costing money to run. For the most part, zap tracks are a set it and forget it method for controlling the bird population around your area.

Bird Traps Are a Great Humane Way to Control Birds

The most humane way to solve a bird problem includes the basic catch box. These metal enclosures will tempt a bird inside, typically with a food source, and the door will shut behind them. Traps are used to capture many types of unwanted pests, birds not being any exception. Most professional pest controllers prefer this method because it is humane and fewer chances of being injured dealing with the bird.

Why Aren’t Some DIY Bird Control Products Effective?

So you’ve tried to get rid of a bird problem on your own and have found no victory, you aren’t alone. Getting rid of birds isn’t easy, and in most cases, requires professional assistance. All of these methods are available to purchase online or possibly through local stores. However, that doesn’t mean that they are more effective than what your local pest controller can accomplish. 

Specific methods could be considered inhumane, while others might not work as well. Deterrents, for example, can work at first but become less effective as birds realize they aren’t going to be injured by the obstacle. Dealing with the pests once they are caught is also a problem, and not one many want to take on, out of fear of diseases.


Birds, like pigeons and crows, can make birds look less like  beautiful creatures inhabiting the area and more into an image straight from the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” Effective use of the right bird control methods will make the biggest difference at eliminating and keeping birds away. It is always advised to call a pest controller like Bug Guys Pest Control when dealing with an out of hand bird population. We can safely extract the birds in a safe, humane matter. Give us a call today if you would like a pest-free home or business.