The household fruit fly is perhaps one of the most common insects to take over a home. As their name suggests they are drawn to fruit that is left out, and once they get going, become very bothersome. Let’s take a look at the seven things nobody told you about fruit flies.


Close up image of fruit flies on an orange.

They are used as scientific research subjects

With an outstanding 14,000 genes on such a small insect, fruit flies have been used for many research projects. They have helped give a better understanding of the human body and have been studied for many different reasons.


They can quickly multiple

A fruit fly can go from a baby to an adult in about eight days. Which means, they reproduce very quickly. A female can lay 100 eggs a day!


Their lifespan is relatively short

As opposed to most insects the lifespan of a fruit fly is only 12 days. In a years time, males and females can reproduce very rapidly. The only thing need is a nurturing environment such as fruit.


Fruit Flies breed in many locations

Fruit isn’t the only place fruit flies last eggs. They will lay eggs in an environment that is most and has a good source. One of the most common places you can find them are trash cans and sink drains.


Prevention of a fruit fly problem is easy to do

Just being observant about what egg I did you leave out and removing trash cans from your house can make you less susceptible to these insects. Also, a great tip is you should not store your potatoes and onions together. The mixture of these two is very alluring. If you must keep them together, the refrigerator is the best spot.


Fruit flies love beer and wine

While this might make fruit flies seem like they like to party, they aren’t alcoholics. They are just drawn to fermented fruits and veggies. If you leave open containers or not completely dry cans out bottles in the trash or out, they will find it.


Contrary to popular belief they don’t spontaneously appear

Because if the misconception about where they come from, many people often think they just appear out of the blue. When in fact they actually will go in through the doors or any open crack you have to your home. You can safeguard yourself by making sure your home is sealed the easy it needs to be.


How to get rid of fruit flies

There are a few tricks to get rid of fruit flies that are reasonably easy to do. The best way is to set out a bowl of apple cider vinegar in a small tall dish with a funnel attached. The fruit flies won’t be some to resist. They will be funneled down to the cider vinegar with no escape. After about eight days they will die off. It is the most commonly used method. Make sure that all your food is put up and your sinks and drains are clean before beginning.


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