Unwanted pests and wildlife that try to invade your home and yard can be destructive as well as annoying. Animal traps are a perfect solution to eliminating critters from your property. Live animal trapping is the most humane way to deal with animals such as raccoons, gophers, and other vermin while remaining environmentally friendly.

Live animal trapping Palm Desert experts, Bug Guys Pest Control, can help to eliminate the threat of vermin safely and efficiently. There are dangers when trying to remove wildlife from your home. The primary reason to call a professional is to avoid the possibility of diseases from handling or being bitten. A professional pest controller will alsoVictor mouse trap on white background. identify the cause as to what has attracted the pest to your home in the first place.

Depending on the type of wildlife intruders you are dealing with will dictate the kind of animal trapping used by your pest control company. Different traps are designed to handle specific animals, so it’s essential that your pest control use the right one for the job. The most commonly used traps include:

Electronic Traps

A popular option to catch mice and other rodents, the electronic trap features a one-way entry and a boxy design. Inside the trap will have food to attract the pest. Electronic traps are one of the most natural traps to set up but are deadly to the best that go into it. These type of traps use an electric pulse to zap the animal, which will kill it in seconds. Highly effective.

Snap Traps

If you have ever seen the old style mice traps, then you have witnessed snap traps. These pest catchers lure vermin with a tasty food source. Once the trap is triggered, the spring releases causing the arm to snap back onto the pest inside. These are effective when placed in areas where rodents are known to habitat.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are very good at live animal trappings. There is no risk to the animal that gets stuck in the very sticky glue, other than its inability to move. However, once the rodent is held, there is no way to remove them from the trap. Glue traps are great for a wide range of vermin from the smallest mice, to larger rats.

One-door live animal cage trap on white background. Cages

Cages or humane traps as they are sometimes called is a widely used method for live animal trapping. Humane traps are one of the safest methods for both the vermin and human. Cages only allow for one way entry, so once a pest is inside there is no escape until the trap is checked and triggered to open. Bug Guys Pest Control will commonly use these for larger rodent, raccoon, and opossum and is a preferred method when dealing with obnoxious wildlife.

Ultrasonic Repellents

This extremely safe option for rodent removal works by emitting a high pitched tone that drives rodents from your property. Humans and pets won’t be affected by the ultrasonic sound. The only disadvantage of this method is the area range it covers, can be considered somewhat limiting for further distances.


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