There are a number of termites that are found throughout the state of California. These termites pose a risk to homeowners all over the state. Homes are primarily prone to attract dry wood, dampwood, or subterranean termites. The most common types responsible for damages done to a Californian home are the drywood and the subterranean types. If you have an infestation of termites, you may want to seek out professional termite control in Palm Desert to assist you in alleviating the issue. Here are some common things about each type to assist you in identifying what type of infestation you are dealing with.


Drywood termites on a gray background.

Drywood Termites

The workers for the three groups primarily look the same in appearance. For this reason, it is important that you know how the alates and the soldiers appear so that you can identify them. The alates for this group are going to have two sets of wings. The set in the front is going to contain a pattern of very well-pigmented veins located on the outer part of the front wing. You should also know that swarmers are quick to shed their wings once they have swarmed. For this reason, dead swarmers are not going to have their wings attached to their body. The soldiers for this group contain large mouthparts and have teeth. Their pronotum is going to be as least as wide as their heads. Most of the drywood workers are larger than what is found in a subterranean colony. They also have a habit of creating their colony inside of wood and do not require a lot of moisture for survival.


Dampwood Termites

These termites are going to be larger than the subterranean type. Their wings can grow up to 25 mm in length and the soldiers themselves can grow up to 20 mm. Dampwood termites have large heads and their heads contain pincers on the front. This group of termites does not have workers because the immature termites do the work. These termites can also grow up to 20 mm in length. They get their name from the fact that they tend to locate their colonies in damp wood that is sometimes decaying. They do not nest in the dirt and invade any wood that is found on the ground. They tend to be most attracted to decaying wood. The colony is started by a pair of winged swarmers. Once the colony is established, you may quickly find yourself facing a termite infestation.


Close up image of subterranean termite soldiers.

Subterranean Termites

The alates for this group of termites are extremely dark brown or black and have two pairs of wings that tend to be almost equal in length. The workers and soldiers do not have wings and tend to be cream colored. The soldiers have long jaws and their heads are normally brown. Subterranean termites can often be identified by the appearance of the wood. They tend to build their nests under the soil, so when they eat through the wood they tend to leave soil and mud in their wake. If you find yourself with an infestation of termites, it is critical that you find pest control in Palm Desert to help eliminate the issue.


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