Of all the unwanted pests that can enter your home, spiders are probably the most feared. The reason homeowners hate these small arachnids because they are hard to see, move, quickly, and can hide in the nook and crannies anywhere throughout the home. It also hasn’t helped since the little tidbit of information that people swallow up to ten spiders in their lifetime as they sleep. This scary statistic is enough to have anyone dashing to find a solution to keep them out of the house. To say that a home can be completely free of spiders is nearly impossible

Black and white close up image of a spider showing its hairy legs.

The reason homes are so tricky to keep spider-free is the number of entry points. Spiders, like other pests, are looking for a safe place to call home, that has many food sources, and somewhere to breed. Doors and windows or any place where the house has cracks leading to the outside can allow for spiders to enter.

One significant way to prevent spiders from entering the home is to ensure your entry points are sealed. If there are gaps in the doorways, correct them. Using a screen door can also help to seal a doorway. Windows should have screens installed so when they are open; you aren’t allowing pests to enter quickly.

If you have tried these methods of sealing the doors and windows and it hasn’t worked, or it wasn’t possible due to a foundation issue that isn’t allowing for a level window or door frame, you can set traps. Glue traps are especially helpful at catching spiders from making their way around the home. Placing a few traps around the house, mainly next to doorways will help to prevent them spreading.

The best solution to preventing spiders from infesting your home is to enlist the help of Rancho Mirage pest control services. Common spiders in the Coachella valley can include black widows and California trapdoor spiders. The Bug Guys can apply a spray around the house, focusing on areas that are prone to allow bug, spider, and insects from coming in. The pesticide will deter pests and exterminate those that have already entered the house.


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