Aside from having a pet rat or mice in a cage, most of us don’t want rodents living in our homes. The sound of little feet scampering about or climbing through walls can drive anyone crazy. Rats and mice not only become a scary sighting to some but can be a challenge to remove them. Palm Desert rat exterminators should be called to eliminate any rodent problem a homeowner may be experiencing.

Single brown rat climbing down a rope. Rats and mice are entirely different than other household pests such as fruit flies or ants. They are furry, have claws, and teeth. These characteristics of rodents alone make them one of the worsts house guests. Rats and mice can gnaw on several types of materials including drywall, insulation, and wiring. This destructive behavior can become an expensive repair bill, if not resolved quickly. Rodents will also have a habit of making nests within the walls, basement or attic, and be gnawing on neighboring wiring, putting your home at risk for an electrical fire,

Rodents have a flexible skeleton, which allows them to be nimble, and squeeze into the smallest places. The flexibility of not only their bodies but their heads makes it possible to hide just about anywhere in the home. Rodents can also jump and fall gracefully, much like cats; it allows them to gain access to many places high and low.

Rats and mice are known for how quickly they can reproduce. In just one year they can have seven litters, with up to twelve offspring. That can mean your home could potentially have a rat or mice population up to 84 in just one year. Their ability to breed is one reason you should wait to have a Palm Desert pest control company take action at removing rodents from your home.

The house mouse and the Norway rat can find their way into any home when given the opportunity. These rodents are in search of shelter and a food source, making cohabiting with humans the ideal place to hang out. If you know or have a slight suspicion that your home has a growing population of rats or mice within trying Palm Desert pest control services for the best results at removing and preventing an infestation.


Photo by Robert Charles


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