Insects have no place in the home. When they are present, it can be unsettling, and annoying to say the least. While one of the best ways to control pests from setting up residency in your Indio home. A professional pest control service can make your home pest free with different pesticides. However, if you need a quick fix for insects and what they have gone quickly you can try a few home remedies. These remedies aren’t a substitute for professional pesticides but can help to control the insect population from invading your home.

If tackling pests is on your top ten to do list there are some treatments you can try. Give these few options a try and see if they can help put a stop to insects infesting your home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been a household remedy for stopping fruit flies in their tracks. The idea behind this remedy is to lay a dish out with vinegar with a tight funneling straw that a draw the insects in and can’t get out. Insects such as fruit flies are drawn to anything sweet, and apple cider vinegar has a combination of cute and yet deadly.

Close up image of a paper trash bin.

Watch Your Trash Can

Discarded waste is the number one contributor of insect infestations. Food and other sugary substances can lead to a bug infestation, and quickly. To lessen the chance of this happening, keeping your home clean and free from excessive food particles on the ground can undoubtedly help. One situation you can avoid is keeping a lid on your kitchen trash can. If this isn’t proving helpful, you can also clean out your trash cans on a weekly basis to ensure food debris hasn’t accumulated on the bottom of the trash can.

Laundry Soap + Baking Soda

Looking for a quick spray to stop ants in their tracks? Combining laundry soap and baking soda can deter any insects from loving their home. Indio pest exterminators can help to solve roach and ant problems that may lurk around the corner.

These three solutions can ultimately keep your home free of certain insects. For a total solution in pest control, it is best to contact Indio insect control for the best results. While home remedies can briefly stop pests in their tracks, for a complete eradication trust the professionals.


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