Pest control services are essential for both businesses and homes, to help keep families and employees, as well as customers and visitors, safe and comfortable. There is a wide variety of pest control services to choose from, and you can always find the type of pest control service you need to fit your needs. From general pest control to rodent extermination or animal trapping to even scorpion control, you may wonder how much it costs for such a specialized service – and you’d be surprised.

The national average for a pest control treatment is about $173, ranging from $108 to $262 (or $500 for high-end or highly specialized services). Some companies are able to offer pest control services for as little as $50. However, these are not often weekly services unless it is necessary for your property. Often, people will opt for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services to eliminate an infestation or make sure one cannot arise. Some services, such as those for bees or wasps nests, or those termination infestation services that dig into your home’s structure, are going to cost more simply because of the skills and resources necessary.

If you need pest control on a regular basis, you can sign up with a pest control company on a contractual basis. Hiring a pest control company on a one-time basis often costs more than periodic treatments. On average, a one-time pest control treatment costs $300 to $500. Monthly, the average is $40 to 45; semi-monthly, the average price is $50 to $60; and, quarterly services are $100 to $300. Routine maintenance is the best way to control pests such as roaches, spiders, termites, mice, rats, and other common pests.

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At Bug Guys Pest Control, we offer first-time customers $75 OFF for their first extermination service! We also offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and other, more flexible program services to fit your needs and your budget. Also, we are proud of our discounts for new and current customers, such as senior, military, and law enforcement discounts to help make the pest control services more affordable for your business or your home.


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