Fire ants clumped together floating on water.

If you were ever wondering whether ants can survive flood waters, the short answer is – yes, they can! If you do not believe us, check out this report from Texas. Now that we’ve got you intrigued, let’s talk a bit more about the topic. What are the tactics that fire ants apply to survive flood waters?


Take Care of the Queen Ant Like The Professional Ant Removers Do

Ants live in colonies and only a single colony can be a host to thousands of ants. You probably know that these insects are incredibly organized, which is impressive. What impresses even more is the fact that they are ready even for the occurrence of a flood. When they notice that their colony is getting flooded, ants can organize in a matter of minutes.

Most of the responsibility falls down to workers, but that is not surprising. They link mouths and legs together and create a form that reminds of a raft while doing that. In fact, they can do all this in less than two minutes. Just take a look at the form they made that helped them survive floods that killed over ten people three years ago.

The center of the raft is saved for the larvae and the queen so that they can remain safe. The queen is floating on a pile of ant bodies, which guarantees that she will remain on high grounds and won’t get wet. The good news is that those ants on the bottom layer do not drown because enough air is secured for them, too.

Although their organization is flawless and they can keep that form for several weeks, there are other dangers lurking out there. Perhaps the biggest one is the fish from the water, which can eat a portion of the colony. The problem is that removing ants can affect the raft construction and cause the entire colony to fall into the water. However, if the queen survives and they reach a dry land, the future of the colony is secured. In a lifetime of one queen, three million new ants are born, which makes every other ant from the colony replaceable.


What If The Ants Choose My Yard As Their New Home?

If fire ants reach dry land, they may form a new colony in your backyard. There are certain ant control measures you can apply to prevent them from coming to your property. However, if you suspect an infestation, you should call ant exterminators. Finding the right company is not an easy job. Start by searching for nearby professionals. Make sure to check the reviews posted by existing users and analyze whether they were satisfied with the provided level of service. If you think that you found trustful pest control services, give them a call and arrange a meeting.


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