Did you know that Palm Springs has a beautiful natural side? Do not think that it is all desert because there are oasis that are close to the town but look like they are a world apart. One of those is Indian Canyons (Palm Springs), whose creeks and breathtaking scenery are worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Landscape view of Palm Springs showing the water, palm trees, and the mountain as background.

Four Separate Canyons Make Indian Canyons In Palm Springs

If you are a local, you probably know this, but a reminder doesn’t hurt. Indian Canyons is a group of canyons and there are four of them – Tahquitz Canyon, Andreas Canyon, Murray Canyon, and Palm Canyon. Depending on the one you visit, you can enjoy different sceneries. If you are looking for steep red cliffs with stunning views or tall palm trees to leave you in awe, you want to head to Andreas or Murray Canyons. If you happen to come to the area after the spring rains end, you can also encounter impressive barrel cacti. Do not forget to check out the Seven Sisters waterfall, as well as various rock formations that you can also find in the Palm Canyon. While in the Andreas Canyon, make sure to notice more than a hundred plant species growing there.

Palm Springs Cahuilla Tribe Artifacts

It is believed that the first people living in the Indian Canyons were the Cahuilla tribe. You can find relics from their time all around the canyons. You can see mortar holes that the Native Americans used to ground acorns into meal, as well as petroglyphs, pictographs and other methods they used to communicate. In the visitor center, you can watch a short movie that describes the culture of the Native Americans who lived there.

While you are on the hunt for artifacts, make sure to stop and look around you from time to time. The palm trees will leave you in awe, but there are also beautiful seasonal waterfalls, streams, plant species and various forms of wildlife.

What You Can Do in Indian Canyons

The beautiful scenery turns the canyons into an ideal place for hiking. The trail is not difficult, which makes it suitable for families with children. It can be an excellent way to bond with your loved ones while discovering creeks, plants, and wildlife in the canyons. Keep in mind that it is quite warm, which means that you should be equipped with water and adequate clothing and equipment for hiking. The good news is that it will be worth it as you are guaranteed to have hours of fun and amazing time in the canyons! And after all the fun, secure a pest-free home by calling the best Palm Desert Pest Exterminators – Bug Guys Pest Control, at 760-565-1203.


See directions below:

Indian Canyons
38520 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

Head north on S Palm Canyon Dr (!Partial restricted usage road.)
8 min (3.5 mi)

Drive from E Palm Canyon Dr and Frank Sinatra Dr to Palm Desert
24 min (12.5 mi)

Drive to your destination
1 min (0.1 mi)

Bug Guys Pest Control
75178 Gerald Ford Dr A3, Palm Desert, CA 92211, USA


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