Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they have the ability to transmit diseases like the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Because they are a health concern, mosquitoes should be dealt with as efficiently as possible. There are several products on the market aimed at cutting back on the number of these pests that you see around your property, but there are not many products that work. So, what can you do? If you want to take back control of your yard and enjoy summer again, follow these simple tips for protecting your property from mosquitoes.

1. Eliminate Standing Water From Mosquitoes

Standing water is a huge problem because it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some areas with standing water can be difficult to find; make sure you check outdoor toys, flower pots, and even small bits of trash that may have fallen out on the way to the garbage can. If you have holes in your yard, or areas that aren’t level, make sure to fill them in as soon as possible. Mosquitoes don’t fly far, so if you get rid of wet spots around your property, you won’t see as many pests.

2. Keep Up With Your Yard So Mosquitos choose not to live their

Do not let grass and other vegetation grow out of control in your yard. Keep the grass trimmed, cut back on bushes and trees, and make sure you keep everything as tidy as possible. Mosquitoes are looking for areas to hang out in that are not in direct sunlight. If your yard is untamed, it lends itself to shadows, which is attractive to these pests. In addition, shadows keep areas of your yard damp for longer periods of time. It will be difficult to keep mosquitoes at bay if this happens.

3. Use Plants To Your Advantage

There are some plants that mosquitoes just don’t like and try to avoid. These include marigolds, lavender and citronella. Therefore, if there are certain areas of your yard that you really like to spend time in, try planting a few of these varieties. Not only will they keep mosquitoes at bay, but they will look great as well.

4. Bring In A Professional Mosquito Remover

If you continue to have problems with mosquitoes, bring in a professional. Exterminators are able to spot areas of moisture that you may have missed. They can also put down a treatment in your yard aimed at reducing the number of pests that you see. Contact Bug Guys Pest Control to see how they can help you.

Mosquitoes make it difficult to enjoy spending time outside in the summer. While you can buy products in the store to try and control these pests, they are largely ineffective and generally a waste of money. Therefore, in order to protect your yard from mosquitoes, it is important to have a plan going forward. Use the information included here to help ensure that you are able to enjoy being outside this summer.