With all the holiday cheer coming over everyone and thinking about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day get-togethers with the family, and New Year’s Eve parties there is something you should keep in mind. Pests don’t take a holiday break. They, in fact, are in full swing. It is getting colder out, and many rodents and pest are making their way into your home to hunker down for the season. To get your home ready for the season of family and friends, be on the lookout for these four pests, and have a pest control service take preventative measures.


Christmas tree wooden ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree.


Ok, ants are a common problem throughout the year. They are one of the most annoying pests to see around. However, with the temperature cooling off, and the surplus of yummy food about they are going to be drawn to coming inside. Preventing ants from colonizing your home can be something you can quickly do. The most significant way to prevent an infestation is to clean up any food messes. Ants love sugar, so those Christmas cookies you just made could be a very alluring. Remember to keep items like these in a closed container to stop ants in their tracks.


Rats and Mice

One of the scariest of pests to see running around during the holidays are rats and mice. These little, sometimes larger pests can ruin a good time. Rats and mice are known to be chewers and go after Christmas lights. To prevent mice or rats from entering your home, it is a good idea to consult with a bug control company on their methods of prevention and removal. Often traps are a great way to deter them from making your home, their home.



Just like ants, rats, and mice, roaches are going to be on the prowl for a warm and inviting home to make it through the winter. When you combine a comfy place to live with the overwhelming amount of holiday foods, they are not going to want to leave.


Bed Bugs/ Christmas Tree Bugs

Everyone has the best of intentions when giving gifts. However, there is a possibility of spreading more than cheer this time of year. Christmas tree bugs and bed bugs are a common occurrence during the holidays. It takes just one infected item to turn a home into a thriving community of insects. Christmas tree bugs are commonly brought in when homeowners purchase a fresh cut tree. When bringing new items into the home such as clothing, bedding or new tree it is a good idea to inspect them. If you missed any, and are dealing with an infestation of bed bugs or Christmas tree bugs it is imperative to call a bed bug exterminator.

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