Birds are an incredible asset to the environment. Known for eating their weight in annoying insects like mosquitoes, they do have a place in our ecosystem. However, while they can be beautiful at times, the larger the flock, the more destructive birds can be. There are tons of issues with having dozens of birds impeding a property, including the tons of bird feces they can leave behind, which is why it is crucial to have effective pest bird control. It is also just as important to use preventative methods too.

One or two birds aren’t a cause for concern. But when they travel in groups, they can be. Not all birds like to be by themselves, and many prefer to go as a flock. Take an example from the “The Mighty Ducks” franchise, for instance. Here the ‘ducks,’ five skaters, would unite, creating the notorious flying V-shape while this is illegal in hockey and would have earned the Mighty Ducks a few penalties. I know I just ruined your childhood. But birds do create this flying shape and like being a group.

What Are Pest Birds?

One bird is seldom a problem unless it’s trapped in your business’ building and is causing disruption and could become a potential danger. But there are several instances where birds can become pests, and not just a beautiful creature you may want to stop and take a picture of. Birds become pests when they frequent your building, leave droppings, or become aggressive. 

To get rid of birds that have claimed your area for themselves, you’ll need to enlist the help of a pro for bird control solutions. Bug Guys Pest Control proudly offers humane animal trapping and bird control services to our Coachella Valley customers. We can eliminate problematic birds from home or offices.


Common Pest Birds

So, what types are birds are common in California, and which ones do the professionals get called for the most. Below, we will go into detail the four most common bird pests our technicians deal with almost daily.

Domestic pigeons are pests (Columba livia domestica)

Subspecies of the rock dove, pigeons, are the oldest domesticated bird. Pigeons are a medium-sized bird weighing 13 ounces and grow to an average of 12 inches long. Known for their natural gray bodies, black stripes on the wings, and red-orange feet, pigeons, are hard to mistake.

What Pigeons Eat

Pigeons love human food, specifically grains. They have been seen as dumpster divers and aren’t afraid to pick anything off the ground. Often food sources are what will attract pigeons and cause infestation issues. Because of human food being so accessible, the birds have become reliant, which is one reason the pigeon population has become such a significant issue.

Do Pigeons Carry Disease?

The biggest concerns surrounding birds are the diseases they may carry. The pigeon is no exception. They’ve been known to transmit cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. In addition to these, pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, and lice.

House Sparrows Can Be Pests (Passer domesticus)

House sparrows are found throughout the world. They are smaller birds weighing just over 1 ounce when fully grown and have a length of 6.3 inches. Females and it’s young feature pale brown and grey feathers, while males are characterized by having brighter blacks and whites. House sparrows can be found in both rural and urban settings and can be found wherever humans live.

House sparrows are known to roost together in shrubs, especially during mating season. They are known to be big chirpers, which makes them naturally a bird most want to eliminate from their properties.

What Do House Sparrows Eat?

Like most other birds, the house sparrows diet consists of seeds of grains and weeds. But these birds have also been known to thrive on insects too for nourishment. They tend to stay away from their natural predators, the cat, hawk, and owls. Though the house sparrow was once one of the more abundant species, it has been on the decline in recent years.

Do House Sparrows Carry Diseases?

The house sparrow does carry a host of diseases — the two most common being Salmonella and E. Coli.

Starlings Can Be Pests(Lamprotornis hildebrandt)

Known for being a smaller pest bird, the starling is often regarded as a beautiful bird. It features vibrant colors in its features ranging from blues and greens to bright orange on its tummy. Starlings have huge feet and are known to be one of the more direct flyers. They belong to a species of birds that are very social and very active. There are several species, and they can grow up to 14 inches and weigh 14 ounces.

What Do Starlings Eat?

Starlings have been known to have a diet consisting of fruits and insects. They aren’t too picky about what they eat, and will often stay close to areas with ample food available. Starlings tend to eat overripe fruit, like grapes, which some have thought to have intoxicated the small birds.

Do Starlings Carry Diseases?

Starlings can carry diseases, much like other species of birds. Some of the more common illnesses include salmonella, e: Coli, and toxoplasmosis.

Turkey Vultures Are Very Pest Like (Cathartes aura)

Turkey vultures are enormous, like impressively huge. These can’t miss predatory birds that can be extremely destructive, but also dramatically help the ecosystem. Vultures prey on carcasses of diseased animals. They can often be found making a meal out of roadkill. Turkey vultures can live in a variety of environments, including grasslands and desserts.

What Do Turkey Vultures Eat?

As mentioned above, turkey vultures are scavengers. They will eat decaying carcasses of any type; they aren’t picky. What’s interesting is the vulture can smell the gas from a decaying animal, which is how they located their food sources.

Do Turkey Vultures Carry Diseases?

Because this type of bird will eat decaying animals, chances are pretty high they carry a wide range of transmittable diseases. While these typically aren’t found in overpopulated human areas, they can be attracted to these areas, because of the chances of food.

Pest Birds Control & Prevention

Getting rid of birds can be difficult. As flyers, they can maneuver out of many situations and avoid much more. The top options for preventing birds can include a chemical-based solution to deter the pests, live-animal trappings, and nets. Deterrents, like scarecrows, have been used for centuries to frighten birds away. However, these, like other methods, can become less effective over time. While you could try a DIY to get rid of a bird problem, it is always safer and easier to hire a professional like Bug Guys Pest Control.


The most common birds in the area like pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and vultures can be challenging to get rid of. With the possibility of communicating diseases through feces or even animal bites, it’s crucial to deal with a bird infestation swiftly. Bug Guys Pest Control is pleased to offer bird control solutions to the Coachella Valley. We can take care of any type of pest birds’ problems regardless of size. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.