How long does the Coronavirus live on surfaces? While experts seem to have varying opinions on the matter, it’s something that the general public should not overlook. The virus could live days on certain surfaces, making it difficult to protect yourself against infection. For those who want to travel during the pandemic or need to work, staying safe is a top priority. Whether or not the virus lives on surfaces for hours or days, you’ll want to take a look at some of these top tips for staying safe against the pandemic while traveling. 

In this article, these hotel tips will focus on weighing the risks, how to choose your destination, the research you may want to conduct, and provide you with eight excellent tips to safeguard you and your family against possible infection during the pandemic.


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Weighing the risks

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, “Is it worth the risk? Is taking an unnecessary trip right now worth the possibility of becoming infected with a virus that has known to cause certain health complications?” While you could look at it from a few standpoints, one of which being that it has a lower than advertised death rate, it is better to be safe than sorry as they would say. 

For those who have already had a trip scheduled, a concern would be whether they can refund their expenses. If this was a trip planned before the pandemic, it could be hard to put on the back burner or take a loss financially. Contact your hotel and ask about a possible refund if you’d like to cancel your reservation. Though many have indicated that staying at hotels, if proper precautions are taken, is no more risky than your home.


Choosing the destination

An excellent way to safeguard you and your family from the potential threat of the COVID 19 is to choose a destination where there isn’t a massive rate of transmission. Avoiding overpopulated areas is probably the best in the current climate. You’ll want to look for more outdoor settings, like beaches, that make for excellent vacations. Avoid areas where there would be overcrowding, such as theme parks or destinations where most activities are performed inside.


Hotel Tips #1: Research the hotel’s policy and regulation

Call ahead and talk with the hotel management. Ask them what their policy and regulations are during the pandemic and what they’re doing to keep guests and employees safe. This could include their cleaning procedures between guests, how often they sanitize, and if they have any professional disinfecting services done routinely. Most hotels are more than happy to walk guests through their policies. They may also question you as to whether or not you have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive to ensure the safety of their building, guests, and employees.


Hotel Tips #2: Ask for a room that hasn’t been occupied for several days.

With a virus that could last only a couple hours on the surface, you may want to know who has stayed in your room last. More importantly, when was it last occupied. If your room hasn’t been filled for several days, it could be safe to assume that, with proper cleaning, your risk of being infected is incredibly low.


Hotel Tips #3: Sanitize your room

You can take matters into your own hands by sanitizing your room. Though your hotel will probably have cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place, if you are worried about the effectiveness, you are more than welcome to clean and sanitize using products you believe in.


Hotel Tips #4: Always wear masks and practice social distancing

Just as you wear a mask and practice social distancing in your hometown, you should do the same when traveling for vacation. This will help safeguard you against possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus while keeping others around you safe too.


Hotel Tips #5: Limit housekeeping services

Avoid as much as possible. If not, limit your contact with the housekeeping services. This includes ordering room service, if you need towels, or if something is not working. Call the front desk and arrange for these items or ask what the policy is for social distancing.


Hotel Tips #6: Use room service instead of dining out

While you’ll want to be vigilant about social distancing and ordering room service, it could be a better solution than dining out. Not only can you enjoy a freshly cooked meal from the hotel staff, but you can also enjoy it being served right to your room. It’s okay to indulge.


Hotel Tips #7: Avoid using decorative pillows and heavy bedspreads

When you first enter a hotel room, one of the most common gestures is to plop on the bed. This is extremely common for children. One of the best ways you can minimize the possibility of viral transmission is to strip the foundation of the decorative pillows and heavy bedspreads. These are used frequently but are less likely to be washed, depending on where you’re staying.


Hotel Tips #8: Wash your hands frequently

It cannot be stressed enough that your most excellent defense against Coronavirus transmission is by washing your hands frequently. If you go out to enjoy activities, have dinner with your family, or have interactions with hotel staff or other guests, just remember to wash your hands.



Traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic can be done safely. Consider these hotel tips in taking extra precautions to ensure you don’t contract or transmit the virus. Stay vigilant of your personal hygiene by washing your hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing. Ask your hotel what practices they have put into place to disinfect rooms if your room has been occupied recently, and what they plan to do if a guest is tested positive.

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