The black widow is one of the most known spiders in the United States. When you think of what a black widow looks like, you are probably more familiar with the female. A female black widow features a jet black body, with a fiery red hourglass shape on their underside. Female black widow spiders are significantly bigger than the male. The male black widow is lighter almost brown, with pinkish to red spots on their backs.

Black widow spider on white background. Black widows can reside almost everywhere in North America but mainly are found in the south and west regions. The lower part of California and Arizona see a higher number of black widows because of the climate. These spiders typically like to hang out in dark, dry places and are often found in basements and garages. Spider control Palm Desert is your best defense and offense against a black widow infestation. Once a female has created a nest, she can lay upwards of 900 eggs. Eggs will hatch after 30 days. However, the babies are cannibalistic, and many won’t survive to adulthood.

Now that you know where they like to hide, and what they look like, should you be leery of the black widow? Or does the black widow reputation proceed them? Black widows are extremely dangerous if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by one. Their venom is said to be 15% more lethal than that of a rattlesnake. In North America, the black widow is the most venomous spider. Male black widows aren’t nearly as toxic as his female counterpart and aren’t considered a lethal threat if bitten.

Being bitten by a female black widow can cause severe reactions, the worst being difficulty breathing which is a result of diaphragm paralysis. Other symptoms you may experience include nausea, muscle aches, pain in the abdomen and back, sweating profusely. The bite itself can also be painful. A person that has been bitten can expect pain at the site of bite for 12 hours. While these symptoms do sound frightening, there is an anti-venom available to lessen the effects.

The good news for those that have seen a black widow is they don’t commonly bite unless they are threatened or disturbed. If you see one, it’s best to leave it be. Spider control Cathedral City from Bug Guys Pest Control can eliminate any infestation from your home quickly and safely.


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