There may be an infinite number of questions that go through a homeowner’s mind when there’s something of a pest invasion on their premises. How did the pests get there in the first place? Will they go away of their own accord, or do I have to do something about it? If they don’t go away, can I tackle the problem myself, or is it advisable to call on the services of a pest control company?

If the latter, which company would be the best alternative? Which company will tackle the job professionally, at an affordable price, and with concern for the environment?

No doubt about it – there’s a lot to think about in making sure that the problem is successfully dealt with on your property, and that does not take into account the cost of the entire process. Nevertheless, the good news is that there’s something of a happy medium in terms of the pricing of effective pest control.

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A frequent pest control service will keep bugs at bay all year round, and very likely at a price you can afford to pay.

How frequently should a pest control company come around?

The customary bi-monthly service, in general, will cover bugs such as ants, spiders, silverfish, crickets, wasps, and earwigs. Other insects may be regarded as more of a “specialty” pest. Nevertheless, the bi-monthly type service will likely work just as well for the specialty pests, too.

In normal circumstances, pesticides can remain effective for a maximum period of up to two months on from the timing of their original distribution. In terms of the bi-monthly service, a pest control technician will make a re-application of the product or products so the protection barrier against bugs always remains in place – if need be, throughout the year.

Once the first number of visits on the bi-monthly control program have been completed, any nuisance pest within your home will very likely now be eliminated, and thus, a more preventative approach is to be taken. Technicians will continue to focus on treating targeted areas and particular pests, but there will be more emphasis placed on recognizing a potential pest problem.

Frequently, at this time, pest problems are easily controlled from your property’s exterior.

What your pest control company will do?

These days, many of the better pest control companies will rely on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. The IPM affords a continual defense against pests gaining entrance to your home, and perhaps your business, too, for that matter.

IPM represents a continual pest control service which places its main focus on techniques which are used to eliminate all forms of pests effectively. Among the keys to IPM is to offer prevention whereby the use and reliance on harmful pesticides is at an absolute minimum.

Following an IPM approach ideally will be at the heart of your pest control company’s commitment to the environment, and also to you the customer.


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