This is a question that bugs many homeowners as they are often baffled by many different answers they get from friends or so-called experts. That is why we will try to resolve this issue and settle this once and for all. The experts agree that it is best to let a professional company like Bug Guys Pest Control perform a termite inspection at least once in 12 months. However, there are some other things to keep in mind.

First of all, if you had professionals to perform a termite inspection recently, there is a good chance that you received a guarantee for their work. In most cases, this guarantee won’t last for more than a year r two, but that date will give you an idea when you will need the next check-up. Our advice is to make sure to schedule the next inspection a couple of months before the guarantee expiry date. By securing the regular maintenance and always hiring the same company, you will reduce the average pest control cost and reduce the chances of spending a lot of money on home repairs.

Termites feeding on a wood.

There will be situations when you won’t know when the last termite inspection was in your home. You may have just recently purchased a house or you might have just forgotten it. If you bought a new place, perhaps you can contact the previous owners and find out when they hired their last pest control service. They might admit that they haven’t called a pest management company for years, which is why you might need to find a professional team nearby to help you secure the house against termites and other bugs and rodents.

If you are in a new neighborhood, you can always use the “termite inspection companies near me” option on your PC or phone and discover a pest control service nearby. Your next move should be to call them and get a free estimate. If the price works for you, you should go ahead and hire that company for your home. Once they are done, do not forget to ask them about the guarantee and how often they recommend to perform termite inspection depending on the specific conditions that your house or its location might have.


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