Have ants overtaken your apartment? As the most common household pest throughout the world, it would come as no surprise. These often annoying insects, though not dangerous, are not something anyone wants to deal with. But what happens when ants start to invade your cozy home? How do you get rid of them? Do all-natural pest control remedies work? Should you consider professional ant control services

In this article, we go over a few tips on how to deal with ants in apartment. We will also go over some all-natural methods for stopping them in their tracks. 


ants in apartment


#1 Keeping the place clean

The number one way to stop pests from vacationing in your home is to keep the apartment clean. This is not only great for pest control, but also for getting organized. The top tip for renters is to not leave food out and to limit eating in one area. Typically, those who eat in multiple areas around the house or leave food out, are more likely to encounter an ant problem.

Before you begin another ant control method, if your apartment needs to be cleaned, do so first. Any food on counters should be covered or kept in a sealed container. A good deep cleaning can eliminate an ant problem. Because ants are generally only in your home to look for food, if you have no food source, they will quickly leave.


#2 Lemon juice

Before you go to the store to pick up harsh chemicals, consider more all-natural solutions, lemon juice. Lemon juice is readily available, inexpensive, and many homes already have a bottle in their pantry or fridge. Lemons act as a deterrent for ants, making your home less inviting. Place lemon juice around windows and doors, paying particular attention to anywhere there are cracks. 


#3 Essential oils

When you think of essential oils, do you think of them more as aromatherapy scents? Essential oils have been used for ages at deterring pests, along with their many other benefits. They are often used in the gardens to distract insects and spiders, including ticks. When dealing with an ant problem in your apartment, essential oils can be a great alternative to more drastic chemical solutions. 


Peppermint is a well-documented pest deterrent that works incredibly well against ants. To use, add a few drops to water in a spray bottle. Spray around the perimeter of the living room, window sills, or anywhere there could be a potential infestation. Look for vulnerable areas such as gaps and cracks in the doors and windows.


Cinnamon can do more than increase the level of deliciousness of recipes, like cinnamon rolls. This spice has been proven effective against ants and ant infestations. When in an essential oil form, cinnamon can be applied to many surface areas prone to ant issues. These can include doorways or window sills. 


#4 Professional Pest Control For 100% Protection

To get the best protection against your apartment, having professional preventative pest control is the better option. Not only can professional pest control help eliminate unwanted pests, like ants in your residence, they can also keep them away. If you’re not having your rental currently treated, speak with your landlord about having professional pest sprays done. 



When dealing with an ant problem or can’t seem to eliminate them from your apartment, consider the above tips to naturally remove the problem using common household practices. However, for the absolute best and the most effective means of eliminating ants and keeping them out of your home, a call to your local pest controller is the top solution.

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