Scorpions are among the most common and irritating household pests. If it seems like you’ve done everything you can to thwart these critters from shacking up at your house, read up on some of these strategies that may help you get rid of scorpions in your home.

1. Eliminate scorpion hiding places and access points.

Close up image of a black scorpion on a white background. Scorpions seek out dark places to take shelter. Take care to eliminate any clutter in your home that could be used as a hiding space for these pests. Some examples of clutter traps that may be adding to your scorpion problem are cardboard boxes stored on the floor, clothing or laundry piles and unorganized under-bed storage.

2. Take care of bug problems.

Black cartoon image of an exterminator spray can. Scorpions survive by feasting on insects. if you have a bug problem you’ve been putting off taking care of, the time to fix it is now. By eliminating a major food source for scorpions from the proximity, you make your home less hospitable to the critters which encourages them to seek shelter elsewhere. Even if you don’t think you have an insect problem, spread-ing some diatomaceous earth around baseboards and being sure to clean up food and dishes quickly should help ward away possible pests.

3. Apply pesticides outside your home.

Spray an area 2 yards wide around your home with insecticide. Be sure to spray up to 1 foot high on your home’s foundation. If you choose to spray indoors, be careful in choosing an insecticide as some have harmful effects to humans and household pets. In addition, taking the extra time to use caulk in any access points you find in your walls or baseboards can make a huge difference in preventing scorpions from invading in the first place.

4. Set up traps and have repellant handy inside the home.

Sticky traps, designed for insects, are also extremely effective for trapping scorpions. Set these in dark corners of your house or areas with excess moisture and replace after each trapping. While scorpion repellants are available at your local hardware or general store, ground cinnamon is a natural repellant that can easily be sprinkled on windowsills and around the home.

5. Call a professional.

The only surefire way to eliminate scorpions from your home is to call a professional.

 takes care to make sure that we have done everything we can to eliminate your scorpion problem and protect you from scorpion infestations in the future.


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