No matter how snake-proof your property is, if snakes find a way to slide into the house, don’t panic! It can be alarming and may come as a surprise, but you’ve got to keep your cool than freak out and scare the snake instead, even if you’re suffering from ophidiophobia or trypophobia.

So, if you saw a snake crawl to your house but cannot find it, you need to call the professionals as soon as possible. However, to keep you and your family safe, you can find the snake through a couple of methods and try to get rid of it.

We’ve listed ways how to find and get rid of snakes from your house and prevent them from coming back.


How to find a loose snake in the house?

There are several ways to find a loose snake in the house, and if it’s your first time dealing with it, it’s crucial to keep calm and not go haywire seeing one. If you have any pets or kids in your house, bring them to a safe spot away from the snake.

Here are 4 hints on how to find a baby snake in your house:

1. Lower the ambient temperature

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, and to keep themselves warm during winter, they tend to search for warm places to mate. If they try to find a warm spot in your house, you need to stay alert until the professional arrives. Lowering the temperature of your rooms can push the snake to find warm areas and make them move. It’s one way to find loose snakes in your house.

2. Place a heating pad with newspapers and a hiding box

If you’re wondering where do snakes hide in a house, read on. Since snakes are ectothermic or cold-blooded, placing a heating pad in a hiding box covered with newspaper can be the best place for snakes to coil up. So, if you know, there’s a snake in your house but cannot find it, do this to lure the snake into the box.

3. Use flour in several rooms to monitor snake activity

If the snake doesn’t seem to budge from its hiding place even after trying different methods, sprinkle flour on the floors so you know where the snake is once it moves. It’s one way to find a lost snake in your house.


How to get rid of a snake from the house

Snakes are, of course, dangerous, and there is little you can do until a professional arrives. Here’s are some tips on what to do when you find and get rid of one.

When you spot a snake

Don’t provoke. Snakes are shy and only get defensive when provoked, so don’t do anything to harm the snake. Keep calm and quietly keep your pets and children away from the area. Close the door if it has gone to a room or keep an eye on its movements. You should stay alert until the professional arrives.

Getting rid of the snake

You can try to lure the snake to move outside of your house or backyard by using a broom and a bucket. Though this is a little dangerous if you have no professional experience, you can use the broom to navigate the snake out of your house by maintaining some distance from it.

Snakes like dark places, so you can use a damp bag where the snake can rest and then catch it once it has curled up in the bag. Create a barrier around it, so it doesn’t trail off before the pest control management arrives.

Other means to get rid of snakes

If you find a snake in backyard, spray it with a hose from a distance or use smoke to keep it away. You can use glue traps to capture it or use natural repellents such as vinegar, clove, or sulphur to lure it outside. However, these are just temporary solutions.


Mowing grass to prevent snake


How to prevent snakes from entering the house

You can prevent snakes by building a snake-proof environment around your house. Here are three ways you can do it:

Trim your garden regularly

Keep your backyard well-maintained, trim bushes and trees as they can be great hiding spots for snakes. If you have a pond or fountain in your backyard, maintain it regularly to avoid inviting snakes

Don’t keep your pet food outside

It’s always good to keep pet foods inside or give your pet the food inside your house to avoid dealing with snakes. Pet foods kept outside attract rodents, and rodents attract snakes. So, it’s a chain. Snakes are attracted to water and rats, so keep all the places clean every day.

Get a snake-proof fence installed

You can install a snake fence around your house to prevent snakes from slithering into your front door. Plus, the steel mesh fence is a lot more secure than traps and keeps snakes away for a long time.

For residential pest control, you can reach out to us and request an estimate to know more about it.



Now that you know how to catch a snake and the snake removal methods, it’s time you maintain your garden and build a snake-proof environment around your house to keep you and your pets safe if you have one. If you find a snake in your home, you can contact us for animal trapping, and our professionals will be there at your place in no time.