When it comes to your home, bugs are not welcomed. Everyone is entitled to a pest-free property. It doesn’t matter if you own your home or rent. For renters, they may find that their rights are slightly different than those that own, and it could be more beneficial than they realize. For example, landlords provide tenants with a clean, livable apartment or rental that is free from pests. They should also offer pest prevention for your rental property as a means to keep infestations away. 


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What are the most common bugs found in an apartment?

Many of the common infestations that plague homeowners are the same that plague renters. Though there is a slight difference between the two, as infestations can spread like wildfire throughout apartment complexes, for this reason, most landlords take infestations like bed bugs exceptionally seriously.

Bed bug infestation is one of the more common problems in rental units. They become a severe problem the longer they are left untreated, as they can travel through vents and infect other units. If you suspect bed bugs are an issue, you are constantly itchy at night and wake up with tiny bite marks typically in sets of three; you should contact your landlord promptly. 

Of all the pest problems you can have, ants are the most common. Carpenter ants are giant black ants that enter homes looking for food sources. Though ants prefer to stay outdoors in their colonies, they will go indoors to find a new food source to bring it back to the other ants. 


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Tips on how to get rid of bugs in apartment

For those that don’t want to live with pests, there’s good news. With so many ways a renter can get rid of active infestations, it can be challenging to choose which is the best fit. Pests respond differently to certain types of pest control. Whether you prefer organic options or want a sure way to get rid of pests like with chemicals, there are options out there. Take a look at these top tips for getting rid of bugs from your apartment. 

Cleaning and maintenance

First, a good offense is a good defense. Keeping your rental clean is a must. This means actively vacuuming and dusting on a regular basis. You should take the trash out when needed, and not remain uncovered inside your unit. Many of these little tips can stop infestations from happening and clear up an infestation if you have one. Cockroaches are often a problem in apartments, and the use of glue traps and not leaving food out can help eliminate them naturally. 

Natural remedies

For the home DIYer, there are tons of options available online to try. Depending on the type of bug you have roaming your apartment, you’ll want to use a method that works well. For example, a container of water, with dish soap and apple cider vinegar works excellent against flies, but ineffective against roaches. Ensuring that your apartment is sealed correctly can eliminate most types of pests that will enter your home. 

Another age-old method for getting rid of insects like ants is mixing Borax soap with sugar. The idea here is that the ants will be drawn to the sugar in the mixture and eat the Borax, thus killing the ant. Because the ants bring the food back to the colony, the detergent will effectively kill the worker ants and queen.

Professional pest control service

The most effective method for getting rid of active infestations is calling in reinforcements, and by this, we mean the professional pest controllers. Your landlord is responsible for helping you maintain a pest-free environment. You should report an active infestation to your property manager within 24-48 hours of your noticing. 



Living in a rental can be an excellent choice for many individuals ranging from those moving out for the first time, college students, and those wanting to downsize. Apartment buildings are more likely to have infestations because multiple families dwell in small quarters. Getting rid of some types of infestations are easier than others, but most require the help of professional pest control. 

These services are the responsibility of your landlord in most cases. Once you’ve eliminated pests from your apartment, maintaining a pest-free property is as simple as having preventative pest control services, maintaining a clean home, and sealing off areas that could allow pests indoors. 

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