You swat, swat, and then you swat some more. But gnats keep coming back anyway.
Their persistence can seem quite annoying. Gnats can’t cause any harm, nor do they carry any diseases. And yet, the very sight of them hovering over a sweet spill is enough to get you swatting. Gnats don’t come alone. They bring along their army and take over the house.

But today, you will learn some quick ways on how to get rid of gnats in the house. We have a guide on some DIY traps and details on how to keep gnats away.


What are gnats?

Gnats are those wee insects that resemble mosquitos. There are three types of gnats – drain flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats. Depending on their type, they can assemble around drains, the kitchen, or potted plants.

Typically, people get confused between fruit flies and gnats. Fruit flies have a tanned and black color, and they resemble flies. Gnats are black, have long-ish legs, and resemble mosquitos. The difference between gnats and fruit flies is not that hard to tell.


What attracts gnats to enter homes?

You might have wondered – why do I have gnats in my house? What causes gnats to be in your house?

1. Fruity scents
Gnats get drawn towards sweet, fruity scents. You will find them hovering over overripe fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Inside your house, gnats will flock around unsealed produce, spilled food, or the flowers you just bought.
2. Sweat and body heat
Interestingly, your sweat and body heat is enough to have them flying around you. They can be drawn towards moisture from the eyes and nose. So, gnats chase your pets too.
3. Other conglomeration points
Overflowing garbage bins and potted plants are some other assembly points for gnats. If you have a garden, then over-watering your plants is an invitation to gnats.


How to get rid of gnats naturally.


Getting rid of gnats naturally

How do you get rid of gnats quickly?

Thankfully, some geniuses discovered natural ways to exterminate gnats. The simplest way is to hunt down the source of gnats’ attraction and toss it away. Fruit flies vanish if they don’t find food. You can start by investigating your fridge and trash cans. You can stop fruit flies’ invasion by washing your fruits and sealing them.

You will find drain flies near the trash can, toilet, or other similar places. Getting rid of drain flies is not that simple, as they feed on sewage, bacteria, and the slime in your drain. Remove the clogs in your pipes with a drainage cleaner. Get a plumber to help you if you spot drain flies again.
For getting rid of the fungus gnats, you can start by not watering your plants too much. If the gnats still stick around, you can change the soil.

Other than that, you can try these tricks and traps against the gnats.

1. Vinegar trap

How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen and other rooms?
Step 1: Grab a mason jar and poke small holes in it. Pour apple cider vinegar in the jar (fill it half-way). Now, add dish soap to the vinegar (a few drops would be enough).
Step 2: Cover the jar and keep it where you spot clouds of gnats. Gnats get attracted to vinegar, but the soap makes the solution too viscous to escape.
Step 3: Check the trap for dead gnats. Wash out with boiling water and repeat the process until it solves your gnat problem.
Step 4: You can place the trap in multiple locations.

2. Wine/beer trap

Step 1: Get a small container and fill it with red wine (or beer). Fill only 3/4th of the container and add some drops of dish soap.
Step 2: Place this one where you see most gnats. Keep checking the trap for dead gnats.
Step 3: Clean the container. Hot water and soap would do the job. Repeat the process until you get rid of gnats.

You can place the vinegar or wine trap in your yard in places where you see gnat infestation.

3. Fruit trap

For this trap, grab a jar and put a ripe fruit and vinegar in it. Get a sheet of paper (newspaper would be fine) and make a cone out of it. Place the cone over the jar in a funnel style. The gnats will enter through the cone, but the cone will make it hard for them to escape.

4. Diluted bleach

If you have a gnat problem in the drains (bathtub or sinks), the easiest way is to pour down a cup of diluted bleach.

5. Candle trap

Get a bowl or a tray. Keep a candle in it and pour some water into the bowl around the candle. Drop some dish soap in it. Light the candle when it gets dark outside. Make sure all the other lights are off. Gnats get attracted to the light. But either they will burn in the flame or drown in the pool of water.

6. Homemade gnat killer spray

You can quickly make a DIY gnat killer spray with three ingredients. Get a spray bottle and fill it with – water (half cup), isopropyl (alcohol) (half cup), and dish soap (a spoonful). Spray on gnats directly.

7. Homemade gnat repellent spray

Alternatively, you can repel gnats with this DIY spray. All you need is water, baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap. For one cup of water, add a tablespoon of vinegar and soda each. A few drops of dish soap are enough. Spray this solution in the regions where you spot gnats.


Other ways to get rid of gnats

Here are some other quick ways that you can try.

1. Sticky traps (flypaper)

How to catch gnats in the house? Sticky traps might be the answer. You will get these sticker-type traps in garden centers or plant nurseries. We can cut these into patches and stick them over pots. Gnats sit on them and get stuck.

2. Chemical spray

How to get rid of gnats in your yard? The fastest and easiest way would be to spray on the store-bought chemical spray. However, take preventative steps to eradicate the gnat problem permanently.

3. Bug zapper

You can go ultra-modern with the bug zapper. Place the electric bug zapper where you observe clouds of gnats.

4. Professional pest control service

And last, if you get tired of chasing gnats, you can get in touch with a professional pest control service. If the gnats keep re-appearing, you likely have a serious infestation in your house. Usually, customized solutions are provided to suit your house.



What keeps gnats away? There are quite some preventative measures that you can take to keep gnats away. Know what causes gnats in the house and then take corrective steps.

You can start by washing your fruits, vegetables, and other similar products.

  • Keep the food in the refrigerator. Wipe away anything that is spilled immediately. Keep the floor and countertops clean.
  • Pour some diluted bleach into the kitchen sink to get rid of gnat-attracting gunk. This should get rid of gnats in the kitchen.
  • If you have a pet, ensure that you keep the pet bowl clean.
  • Clean out any leftovers immediately. Avoid leaving food or water out overnight. Clean the birdbaths frequently and change the water.
  • Repair leaks promptly, especially the ones around the sink. Dry out the sink once in a while. Clean it with bleach to beat fungus.
  • Consider using a stopper. Cleaning the drain pipes with a brush frequently is a good idea too.
  • Take your trash cans away from the house and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Consider getting sodium bulbs for your yard. They don’t attract many gnats.
  • Lastly, close all the cracks and crevices around your doors or windows. Seal everything that might serve as an entry for gnats.



Removing the source of attraction, trapping and zapping the gnats, and implementing some preventive measures will free your house of gnats.

Okay, I did all I could. But still, why are there gnats in my house? If you notice clouds of them hovering in your house, then you should pick up that phone and do something about it! Don’t worry about the costs, and we can discuss the prices before you decide to opt for the treatment.