The common misconception is that bed bug infestations only occur if you have a dirty area in your home. However, these insects do not require filth to survive. They survive off of the blood of both humans and animals. Because of this, bed bugs are likely to appear anywhere that they can find a source of food. They are only able to come into your home by attaching themselves to your clothes or your luggage. They can be found in public places and can be spread from place to place through items. Bed bugs are actually not all that uncommon, as more and more outbreaks are occurring all over the US. If you have an outbreak you should contact a bed bug exterminator in La Quinta to assist you with getting rid of the issue. Here is how you can identify and solve bed bug infestations.



Close up image of a bed bug on a skin.

The moment that a bed bug moves into your house, they try to find a hiding place. They are going to move into your baseboards, beneath your wallpaper, or in your switch plates. It only takes them a few minutes to start reproducing. The female bed bug could actually be carrying eggs when it enters your home. The more they multiply the harder they are to exterminate.

Filth and clutter can impact the way in which the bed bugs spread and can make it more difficult to get rid of them because they now have access to even more hiding places. The dilemma on how to handle the situation continues until you are able to find pest control in La Quinta to assist you in ridding your home of the problem. However, there are times you may not even realize you have a bed bug infestation. If you do not identify the issue, you cannot exterminate the pests.

One thing you can do is check your skin. If you have bites on your skin when you wake up in the morning that you did not have before you fell asleep that night, you more than likely have bed bugs. If you continue to have the same type of bites every morning and do not notice any other insects in your home, then you should worry about bed bugs. There are other signs that you have bed bugs. You may notice dark stains that suddenly appear from your bed. You may find black spots or droppings, in certain areas of your home. If you wipe the black spot with a damp cloth and the spot smears, then it is most likely a fecal spot left by a bed bug.



The first thing you want to do is wash and dry all laundry that could potentially be infected at extremely high temperatures. This immediately kills adults, nymphs, and any eggs that could be hiding. Don’t forget to clean the mattress before you replace your sheets and check the closet as well. You can also kill them with steam. There are a number of devices that can create steam and all you have to do is aim the steam at the spot that is infested by bed bugs. Make sure that all infested areas are steamed up. Finally, you can get some ground silica gel and place it in your room. Put it along the walls, around your bed, and on the mattress. Make sure that you do not inhale it though because it can be dangerous to your health. The best thing you can do to rid your home of a bed bug infestation, however, remains to find professional bug control in La Quinta.


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