Your backyard is the perfect place to relax or have a gathering, particularly in the summer. However, mosquitoes can ruin even the best-laid plans, attacking anyone in their vicinity and leave them with itchy red bites. These pests have been a huge nuisance in California, particularly in the last decade or so. If you refuse to let the mosquitoes force you out of your yard, you are in luck. The following tips will help you keep mosquitoes at bay so that you can enjoy going outside again.

Set Up Fans To Keep Mosquitoes

If you plan to be in a certain area of your yard, put up a few floor fans so that air starts to move across the space. Mosquitoes aren’t very good fliers, which means they are unlikely to penetrate your wind barrier. In addition, a little extra breeze is always a good thing in the summer, so you’ll stay cool in the process if you utilize this tip!

Get Rid Of Water Where Mosquitoes Nest

Mosquitoes love water. Even just a little gives them what they need to start breeding. Make sure to clean your gutters, and do a check of your yard to make sure there aren’t any small areas of water around your home. In addition, make sure to bag up fallen leaves so that they aren’t left on the ground.

Put In Bug Lights To Eliminate Mosquitoes

Bugs like both black light and regular light. That’s why you see a ton of insects congregate around your porch light whenever you turn it on. However, if you put up lights that emit a soft yellow glow, the insects can’t see it. That means they are much less likely to hang out in your yard after dark, instead congregating around lights that they can see. It may take a little time for you to get used to the yellow light, however.

Maintain Your Yard

Don’t let the grass grow too long. Cut it on a regular basis so that it stays neat and trim. Allow for extra sunlight by cutting back trees and bushes. Make sure that you don’t let debris sit in the yard for any length of time. Just cleaning up around the exterior of your home can cut back on the number of mosquitoes that you see by quite a bit.

Call In A Mosquiotoe Exterminator

Have Bug Guys Pest Control come out and walk through your yard. We know where to look and can get rid of any standing water that you might still have on the property. We’ll also discuss a treatment plan with you, so that you don’t have to worry about fighting the mosquitoes on your own.

There is so much to look forward to in the summer. The weather in California is beautiful, and it is the perfect time to enjoy hanging out with family members and friends. Mosquitoes, however, can get in the way and make your time outside far less enjoyable. Use the information in this article to win the war against mosquitoes and reclaim your home once more.