Insects in the home are one of the most annoying things that a homeowner may have to deal with. There are many different types of sprays that you can purchase to address pests in your home. Many individuals do not realize that these showers can put you at risk and pollutes the air in your home. Not only does it put you at risk, but everyone at your home is at risk. You need to make sure that everyone in your house is safe, while at the same time preventing pests from becoming an issue. Here is how to prevent bugs in your home in 15 minutes.


Sticky Traps

Setting out traps typically takes less than fifteen minutes. All you should do is go to the store, buy the traps, and follow the directions on the box. These traps are useful in preventing numerous types of pests. They can help control spiders, ants, stinkbugs, roaches, crickets, and more. Pretty much, anything that crawls can be stopped with a glue trap.


Image of a kitchen countertop with stove and oven.


Another way that you can prevent bugs in your home is by keeping your kitchen clean. The kitchen in your home is where the food is. You can use vinegar to wipe down the countertops in the kitchen as a preventative measure. Vinegar is okay to use because foraging insects leave odor trails. Vinegar removes this path. You want to make sure that you are sweeping and moping, putting away food, and taking out the trash. It’s essential to ensure that there is no source of food left out for pests to find. Pests don’t just come into people’s home for no reason. They come to see the food. Food Facilities and Pest Elimination.


No Entry

You can also make sure that they don’t have a way to enter the home. Pests, such as mice, can find even the smallest hole to use and enter your home. You can go to hardware stores and purchase silicone caulk to seal these gaps. You want to make sure that you focus on the frames of the windows and doors in your home. You also want to think about the holes where TV cables come into the house, and the dryer vent comes into the home. Making sure that pests can’t get into the home only takes about fifteen minutes and can prevent any pest from entering in the future.


Door Sweep

You should also consider having a door sweep installed in your home. It will not only help prevent pests, but it can also save energy. It means that you can avoid pests from entering your home and save money at the same time. Door sweeps can block the gap that is located between the ground and your door. You can install one in about fifteen minutes. Door sweeps can be found at most hardware stores.



As much as you try, the likelihood of ultimately sealing off your home is slim. It’s impossible to prevent every pest ever from coming into your home. However, you can vacuum. Vacuum-cleaning at least once a week can help you get rid of any bugs that come into your house and trap/kill them before they can cause a foul smell or dirty up your home. It can prevent many small insects and only takes fifteen minutes or less.


Less Clutter

You can also spend fifteen minutes a week clearing out the clutter in your home. If you have piles of clothing on your floor, newspapers, and paper mails you have/haven’t opened piled around, or any other type of clutter; you should clear it out. Cluttered areas provide insects with the ideal, dark place to hide. When you clear it out, you can prevent numerous insects from coming around.


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