Just the thought of a termite infestation is scary to homeowners. Not only are these pests destructive, causing expensive damage to the structure of a home, but they can be difficult to get rid of and require treatment from a professional pest control technician. Are you concerned that you have termites? There are a few signs that will help you distinguish termites from other pests and recognize that there is an issue that you must address.

Swarmers Can Create Many More Termites

Before you notice any of the smaller signs of an infestation, you are likely to spot either swarmers or the mess they leave behind. Swarmers are flying termites. They are looking for mates so they can set up a new colony, and if you see them close to your property, they might be looking to move in. Even if you don’t spot the swarmers themselves, you may see their wings littering the ground. These termites lose their wings when they get a mate. Once they have paired up, they move to a nesting site and start to live in a colony.


Mud Tubes Are a Clear Sign of Termites

Another very visible sign of termites is mud tubes. They normally stretch from the ground up onto your house or another surface, like a tree. These mud tubes are necessary for the termites to survive and build their colony.  They are easy to spot, but unfortunately, if you notice them at your home, the possibility that you have an infestation is quite high.


Hollow Wood Is a Sign of Termites

Termites like wood. The process of eating it starts on the inside and moves out, which means that if you have an infestation, there are likely areas that are hollow when you tap on them. Normally you can tell which spots to check; the wood doesn’t look right and may appear to be cracked or damaged. If you have any concerns about your wood, bring in someone to check out the damage. You don’t want to allow the situation to get worse.


Termite Droppings

Like any other pest, termites leave behind droppings. Their feces are hard and resemble a small pellet. Termites don’t like to keep this waste in the walls with them; instead, they make a hole and push it out to an area that is often visible to homeowners. If you find a pile of droppings, it may be time to call in the professionals to evaluate the situation.


One of the scariest things about termites is that you may have an infestation but you never notice any signs of a problem. Termites are crafty little pests; they do most of their damage quickly and quietly, so the structure of your home can be affected before you know it. Don’t wait for an issue to pop up and balloon into something that seems overwhelming. Take steps to keep your home safe from termites by contacting Bug Guys Pest Control today.