Gophers can be a major issue. You have been working on your garden, day in and day out for months. You walk out one day, and the entire thing is destroyed. All your hard work and effort are gone. Gophers can be detrimental to your landscape and your gardens. It doesn’t take them long at all to erase all your hard work. Here are some gopher extermination methods that can help.



Poison is not only an extremely popular way to control gophers, it is also effective. However, if you have beloved pets or children around your home, then you should be cautious as you carry out this method. There are several different types of poison that are available to purchase. You can choose the one that best suits you needs.


Chewing Gum

Another thing that is commonly used when exterminating gophers is soft candies or gum. In fact, this method has quickly become one of the most popular ones. All you must do is place a soft candy or some chewing gum into the hole of the gopher. If the gopher eats it, it probably will not eat another meal. However, there have been reports that the gophers quickly become accustomed to the taste and begin wanting more and more of the candies.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is very easy to purchase. It is also extremely popular when it comes to gopher removal. When gophers eat castor oil, it causes them to have upset stomachs. Not only will they treat your land for you, but they will quickly move away to find a new home. All you must do is mix two tables spoons of dishwashing liquid with a fourth a cup of castor oil. Put two tablespoons of the mixture into a gallon of water and spray the area that the gopher has taken over to get rid of the pests. There are also castor oil plants that you can plant in your yard or garden to prevent gophers from coming in to begin with.


Decrease Their Food

Another commonly used method to get rid of gophers is to make sure that you decrease their supply of food. Gophers are known to enjoy eating green vegetation. This means that if you keep small shrubs and excessive greenery away from your yard, the gophers will move elsewhere. Gophers do not like to visit areas that aren’t ideal for them to inhabit. This means that if you remove the things that gophers like to eat from your home, then you can easily get rid of the gophers.

There are numerous things that you can try to remove gophers from your home. You want to ensure that you yard and your gardens remain safe. After all, what’s the point in planting a garden if you are unable to take pride in your hard work? If you have tried any of these methods, or several other methods, and find that you are still having issues removing the pests; you may need to seek out professional gopher services to assist in removing the pests.


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