A flock of geese can turn into a nuisance pretty soon. They leave droppings, mess up your yard, and even spread infections. Worst of all, geese can attack people and leave scratches on your arms or legs.

Are you experiencing similar geese trouble? Do you want to keep the geese away?

This blog will reveal valuable tips to attain success in keeping geese off the lawn and private spaces. Additionally, we will learn how to recognize geese and why they are better avoided.

So, let’s dive in right away!


Proven Ways to Keep the Geese Away from Your Property


Identifying geese: What to look for

Many families of birds make up the goose species. The most common is the Canada goose found in the USA and neighboring regions. You can easily identify a Canada goose by its:

  • large, brownish body
  • pale lower body and chest
  • black neck and a white patch on the cheek
  • black legs

Additionally, snow goose, Ross’s goose, and other species are common in the USA. They generally flock together and also fly in groups. However, Canadian geese are the ones to cause the most trouble.


Why geese are a problem

Geese may appear cute and friendly from a distance, but the reality is quite different. You see one or two of them in your yard, and before you know, it has turned to a flock. These birds like to stay together, and you can end up with 50 to 100 geese destroying your yard.

Additionally, a flock of geese can:

  • graze and destroy your grass
  • leave a lot of droppings (2 to 4 pounds per goose)
  • spread diseases and infections from their feces
  • attack people and kids

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep these birds away from your lawn.


Flock of geese on green grass


How to keep geese away from your yard

We have a few ways if you are wondering what will keep the geese away. Some methods need absolutely nothing, while others will make you visit a local hardware store. Below are a few tested and tried ways you can try:

Introduce a predator

What are geese afraid of?
Many people wonder how to scare geese away. You can do it by introducing a predator like a dog on your lawn. Dogs are natural predators of geese and able to scare them off. Humans can also chase geese away as they are bigger in size. However, you will need to put in an effort and give time.

Visual deterrents

You can try artificial decoys to scare geese, like a coyote or alligator. However, they should be moving so that the geese don’t find out they are fake. Do note these are primarily temporary solutions.

Audio deterrents

A range of audio deterrents can keep the geese away. You can try making loud noises or banging utensils to scare off the geese. Even air horns and firecrackers can work wonders. Special equipment that emits high-pitch noises or predator calls is also available. It ensures you don’t have to deal with loud sounds yourself.


Geese like open spaces so that they can keep an eye on predators. Therefore, you can make your lawn appear unfriendly to geese by growing tall grass (6 inches or more). However, you should let your grass grow to 20 inches or more if your yard has a pond. This method is effective but can hamper your lawn’s aesthetic.

Tall plants and bushes

clear sight of the geese and make them unable to watch out for predators. Best of all, your lawn won’t look bad with tall grass. However, this method is not suitable for larger spaces as the geese will avoid the bushy areas.

Don’t feed the geese

Geese like to stay in places where they can find food sources. So, feeding a couple of geese one or two days will make them permanent residents of your yard. So, refrain from feeding geese and remove any food source from your lawn.

Liquid repellent

You can buy liquid geese repellant and spread it across your garden to drive geese away. The Environmental Protection Agency has approved such products as they don’t harm geese. Additionally, you can easily spray them around your property, and you need to do it every time you mow it.

Reflective objects

Reflective objects work just like decoys to keep the geese at bay. They feel something is not right and slowly fly away. So, hang a few streamers or pieces of glass around your garden. You need to change the objects constantly. Otherwise, the geese will get used to them.

Install a fence

Geese like to walk around open spaces. Therefore, installing a fence can restrict their movement and force them to leave. It can be a bit expensive and time taking but works as a permanent solution.

Put up chicken wire

Chicken wire can work like fencing to drive the geese away. However, it can appear unsavory, and your pets can get stuck to the wire. So, adopt caution while using chicken wire.

Call professionals

demand the intervention of experts and professional bird control.


Final thoughts

You can keep the geese away by using a decoy, a natural predator, loud noises, and more. However, it is best to call in professionals in case of geese infestations. Contact the best bird control services in Coachella Valley and ask for a FREE estimate today.