Celebrating the New Year is a great way to evaluate yourself and make essential changes in your life. From weight loss goals to improving yourself as a more positive person, each year is a chance to make these changes a permanent part of your life. Take this newfound opportunity to save yourself both money and trouble as a homeowner by committing to keeping a pest-free home in the New Year.

Check the Doors and Windows

This year, make sure that you go over the windows and doors in your homes and check that there are no significant spaces where pests can get in. An open garage door that leads into your home can let in mice, and cracks in windows ensure that you have one too many ladybugs flying around the kitchen. Take on a home improvement project and make sure that your windows and doors do not invite in any unwanted guests.

Mind the Garden

If you keep a garden, observe it as you reopen it in the spring. Trim any trees in the yard, and make sure that these and shrubberies do not touch your home – these are bridges for pests into your home. As well, any mulch is ideal shelters for common pests, so make sure that your garden is only attractive to essential garden pests.

Green mower on a green grass.

Don’t Be a Litter Bug

This year, work hard to keep your yard free of debris. Do not let water sit, and keep the grass at a reasonable length to avoid giving pests a place to hide – and live. Regularly pick up trash in the yard, as well as any toys that your children leave behind. Your yard should not present any opportunities for pests to move in.


More than your trash, do not let your recycling remain outside or on the curb without a secure lid and container. Milk and other food containers should be rinsed out properly beforehand, with nothing left over for ants or other insects to snack on.


Overall cleanliness keeps the majority of pests from your home. Ants, cockroaches, and flies love it when you leave food out or don’t tend to garbage right away. Always keep your trash covered, and take it out of the house as soon as you can. Clean up your kitchen, dust, and mop the rooms in your home, and make sure that bugs don’t have a place to snack and nap.

Secure Your Pantry

Pests such as mice, grain moths, and even ants love to creep into homes and get into the cabinets. Opened containers of flour, pasta, cereal, sugar, and other foods are the perfect target for these little guys to have the ultimate feast. This year, invest in some sturdy and secure containers for your dried or bulk foods to avoid presenting these pests with a buffet.

Keep Dry

Some of the most disgusting household pests, silverfish are the most unnerving. This creepy crawlies love water damage, especially under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. You can prevent these nasty pests from creeping into your home by monitoring what is going on under your sinks, repairing any water damage immediately, and working to keep these areas dry at all times.


Know When to Call It In

There are several excellent natural solutions to pests. From using mint to keep mice out of your home or sprinkling boric acid for ants or cockroaches, these natural alternatives to chemicals can potentially keep pests out of your home if used correctly. However, you shouldn’t overstep your skill set, so always call in an expert if you find that these pests have gotten the best of you, call in the experts. These pest control professionals have the knowledge and experience to get ahead of these pests and get rid of them for good.

In 2018, call your local pest control professional and schedule routine pest maintenance – especially if you’ve struggled in 2017.


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