Close up image of a black scorpion on a white background.Summer is just around the corner, and with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees in California, it is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature. However, along with the change in temperatures comes a change in bug activity; more and more pests will try to get into your home in the coming months. What can you do to keep the pests outside, where they belong?

Part of preparing for the summer involves deterring bugs from making your home their new sanctuary. While the following steps aren’t too complicated, they are essential to ensuring that you can enjoy the warmer weather without having to deal with a pest invasion.

  1. Get Rid Of Standing Water

Pests love water. Not only do they drink it, but they also breed in damp areas as well. It is not a good idea to leave dishes soaking in your sink overnight, for example. However, you also have to take the time to look around your house to ensure that you don’t have any wet areas that could attract bugs. Look under your sinks and around any exposed pipes. If you notice a problem, have a plumber come out to address it so that you ensure it is fixed properly. If there are areas of your house that are damp, think about picking up a dehumidifier to help. The less standing water you have, the fewer bugs you will have as well.

  1. Be Vigilant

Don’t bring anything into your house without looking at it first to make sure that a bug isn’t hitching a ride onto your property. For example, when the UPS worker drops off a package on your front step, take the time to look at the box before you carry it inside. You may even want to open it on the porch and dispose of the packaging before you bring the item indoors. The extra few minutes is worth it if you can avoid a roach infestation.

In addition to packages, look at your groceries before you unload them and keep a close eye on your pets as well. They can help to transport bugs.

  1. Clean Well

Of course, you know that keeping your house clean will help with bug infestations. Pay particular attention to your kitchen, because most of your crumbs and food residue will be in that area. Use vinegar to wipe down your counters, because it can erase the pheromone trails left by ants and other bugs. These pheromone trails map out a route for pests, helping them quickly invade the interior of your home.

In addition to wiping down your counters, make sure you always put dishes away, wipe down any sticky spots and ensure that the garbage isn’t overflowing before you go to bed. Make sure your food is in airtight containers; sugar, for example, needs to be secured well.

Black widow spider on white background.

  1. Ask For Help

Even if you haven’t seen bugs yet, it is a good idea to give an exterminator a call. Preventative treatments can make a big difference and help you stay pest-free all summer long. Particularly if you’ve had bug problems in the past, get in touch with Bug Guys Pest Control as soon as possible so that we can get a handle on the situation.

These tips will help you avoid pest infestations this summer and into the fall. A few minutes of extra work can make a huge difference!