Rodent infestations seem to happen over and over again, despite the best efforts of homeowners to keep these pests off of their property. In California, droughts and dry weather encourage rats and mice to invade homes in search of water, particularly in the spring when they are breeding.

Rodents are dirty, spoil food, and can cause damage to the structure of a home. Their presence is frustrating for homeowners, who often find themselves continually baiting and trapping. Even with all that work, they still see mice and rats much too often. Rather than trying to treat the problem after it starts, it is much more effective to set up a rodent barrier ahead of time. There are a few steps to take if you want to keep rodents away from your home for good.

Make The Outside Less Appealing

First, make it hard for rodents to find food in your yard. Your trash can should have a tight fitting lid on it. If you have a bird feeder, consider taking it down; bird seed is very attractive to rodents. In addition, clean up any debris and cut back your shrubbery. You don’t want to give mice and rats a place to hide.

Limit Access To Food And Water

Do you have pets? After they are done eating, pick up their bowls and clean them right away, rather than letting the food sit on the ground. Rodents are sneaky and quick, and if they find a food source, they will keep coming back for more. Remove access to water as well. Look for leaks, and take care of any drains or pipes that might need work done.

Repair Your Home

Walk along the exterior of your home and examine the foundation. Do the same for the interior as well. If you see any cracks or holes, take care of them. Remember that rodents can fit through very small spaces because their bodies are flexible. Both foam and wire mesh are good materials to use when patching a hole.

Don’t Leave The Garage Open

If you are entering or exiting your property through the garage, close the door as soon as you can. Even if you intend on working in the yard for a little while, it is best not to leave it open for any length of time. Not only can rodents get inside, but other wildlife may take the opportunity to move toward your property as well. And, once they are in the garage, there is a much better chance that they will make their way into your house.


If you work to keep rodents out before they ever get in, you may be able to avoid an infestation altogether. Rats and mice are not sanitary, and if you are faced with an invasion, it is best to have Bug Guys Pest Control handle the issue quickly and effectively. Prevention can go a long way, however, and if you invest a little time into your home and yard, you won’t have to worry about fixing a big problem later on.