Moles are known for one thing – they are destructive to yards across the world. For anyone that wants a gorgeous lawn, moles are the enemy. However, they do present other risks alongside their destructive patterns. Moles can be a real killer to gardens and plant roots. However, they aren’t all bad. Moles are a valuable part of our ecosystem. These creatures will devour insects, grubs, and worms, keeping a healthy balance.

For many homeowners, the idea of using chemicals in their yard is just not acceptable. Chemicals can be harmful to kids and pets. For that reason, more and more homeowners desire all-natural options. If you are looking for natural homemade mole repellent to eliminate and prevent moles on your property, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll explore eco-friendly ways to prevent moles from calling your property home.


natural homemade mole repellent


8 Natural Homemade Mole Repellent

Are you curious about how to get rid of a mole problem on your property? While there are natural homemade repellents, you’ll see below, these aren’t replacements for professional pest control, like animal trappings. With professional pest control, you’ll have peace of mind the issue is solved once and for all, and moles won’t return. Should they come back, your pest controller will swiftly handle the problem. Take a look at some alternative ways you can keep moles off your property.


Compost creates methane gases. This is not a suitable environment for creatures above or below ground. The idea for compost heaps in repelling moles is that insects and worms congregate near the compost. Because moles are always looking for a meal, they will be drawn to the compost heat. Simply set up a compost heap away from your garden and the moles will be drawn to that area versus your plants.

Kitty Litter

Cat litter is one of the easiest methods of repelling moles. It is also highly effective and affordable. You can find kitty litter at any home store. Should you find a mole’s entry, which is easy to locate, fill it with litter. This will stop the moles in their tracks. By blocking their route, you can effectively move them off your property. This is often a challenging, more extended method of removal, but it can work.

Milky Spore Pest Control

Certain types of pest controls work better on moles and others. Milky spore pest control works exceptionally well. This can be applied throughout the entirety of your property and around the perimeter to deter moles from entering. This product should be used in the summer or early fall for the best results.

Soap, Oil, and Water

Sometimes the most straightforward options are the best. A simple combination of soap, oil, and water in equal parts can keep moles from digging through your yard. Simply whip up a mixture and pour directly into the soil. The soap and oil make the ground less than ideal for the moles.


Most vermin have an aversion to spice and peppers. Tabasco sauce is easy to apply to your garden beds and is highly effective at stopping moles from destroying the area. Though this isn’t the best option for the entire yard, it can effectively treat smaller sizes. Consider a homemade pepper spray for a more cost-effective approach. You simply take a chili pepper, combined with water. Put in a spray bottle for more straightforward applications.


Moles are incredibly sensitive to loud sounds. They hate it. To naturally get rid of these pests, you can send high pitched noises throughout the soil. There are a few products on the market that work well. However, they can be somewhat expensive. One of the best is a solar-powered repeller. These will charge using the sun and work for many months without fail. Although, you might not know when they stop working, as you won’t hear the sound. This could lead to re-infestation.


For an all-natural approach to deterring moles, you can plant certain types of plants. Marigolds, daffodils, and lilies can all be cultivated at the barrier of your property to lessen the chance of moles calling your property home. Other options for repelling this vermin includes planting garlic bulbs. The pungent odor is thought to deter the moles and make the ground inhabitable for it.

Recycled Old Coffee

Are you looking for something all-natural to do with your old coffee grounds? If so, you can spread them around your garden to keep out moles. You can also line your home’s yard with recycled coffee grounds as a method for deterring moles; after every morning or pot of coffee, start collecting your grinds. You can simply keep them in a plastic bag till you are ready to apply.

Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control is a natural removal method too. Animal trapping makes sure that the moles are removed from the property. The reason this is the number one solution, especially versus chemicals, is you won’t have to worry about dead moles underground. Often this can lead to an unpleasant smell. With live animal trappings, we will catch the mole and take them off the property. There is no dead animal body left behind, and there is zero worry about animal bites.



Keeping your yard free of vermin like moles can be important for a number of reasons. The first being to keep your property looking its best. The second is to maintain a healthy garden. If you’re tired of seeing moles around your property, try the above natural homemade mole repellent methods. Should you already have a mole problem in place, it may be best to contact a professional pest controller for rapid removal. At Bug Guys Pest Control, we offer animal trappings as a method of mole removal. We handle everything from start to finish so that our customers have safe and effective pest control solutions. Should you have a problem with moles or require expert pest control for your home for added peace of mind, we can help. Give us a call at (442) 227-8409 or contact us online today.