There are more ants than humans in the world. Because of this, keeping them out of the home can seem impossible. Most homeowners don’t want ants to take up residence in their home. There are different things that you can do to keep ants out of your house. You can destroy their home, build a barrier, bait scouts, and even remove their source of food. Here is how to prevent ants in your home.



Ants are tiny and can find numerous ways in and out of a home. Because of their size, even the smallest opening can provide them with entry to your home. Some ants are easy to locate, and others can only be found after thousands of them appear in the house together. If you can figure out wherever they are entering your home, you can seal off their entrance. To find the door, you can follow the trail of ants. You can use various methods to seal their entrance. You can use poster tacks, caulk, glue, putty, Vaseline, and putty. Vaseline and nails are typically temporary fixes.


Group of ants on a wood on a blue background.


You can also line entrances to your home with anti-ant substances. It is a more aggressive way to keep ants out of your home than using caulk. It creates a barrier around your home of chemicals that are used to repel and sometimes even kill ants. Ant poison, diatomaceous earth, and salt are all options you can consider. Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that can be used to kill ants. It accomplishes this goal because it pulls the moisture from the ants’ body. You want to keep it away from your kids.



Tape can be used to keep ants away. You can line the kitchen with type. Make sure that the sticky side of the tape is punted up. As the ants’ march into the kitchen, there is a good chance that they will stick to the tape instead. You don’t want the ants to go under the tape, so using double-sided tape is a good option. You can also place tape on the back of the home-made trap and tape it to the floor or counter so that the ants are unable to go beneath it to reach their destination.


Talcum Powder

Talk comes in a variety of forms and is believed to deter ants from entering a home. Baby powder and tailor’s chalk are two substances that commonly talk with them. It doesn’t matter the form that you decide to use; you want to be wary of the fact it is potentially a carcinogen. Numerous sources say using regular chalk can also help. There is also a substance known as “ant chalk” that can be used. This material looks like ordinary chalk but is an insecticide. Ant chalk is illegal in the United States and has been since the 1990s.



Many nontoxic concoctions can be tried. You can use scents that ants do not find appealing and tend to stay away from. Vinegar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, peppermint oil, black pepper, and whole cloves are some of the things that can be used to deter ants from entering your home. You want to be cautious where deterrents are placed. You should also be wary of children and pets. Keep peppers and spicy substances in places that your children and your pets are unable to reach them.


By Hand

Finally, you can kill the scouts. Typically, ant colonies send one or two scouts ahead to find food. These ants are the precursors to millions of ants. You can kill the scouts by squishing them. If they are killed and unable to go home to tell the rest of the colony where the food source is, they won’t come. However, if they do make it home, they will go back to the settlement and bring their friends with them next time.


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