Tick warning


Ticks can live in gardens, woods, or even your home. Though they don’t often mean to enter your home, that won’t stop them from breeding inside the house. Your family members and pets can often unknowingly bring them in. While many insects aren’t dangerous, ticks do carry the risk of diseases, and for that reason, keeping your home tick-free is likely a priority.

Going green has gained popularity in the last few decades. With more people becoming eco-friendly, the need to eliminate harmful chemicals from everyday use has become a top priority. One of the most discussed chemical uses is those found in pesticides. Pesticides are highly effective, and in recent years have grown significantly safer than those of the past. However, there are many homeowners that would prefer the avoidance of these chemicals altogether.

In this article, we will explore what organic tick control options are available. We will also dive into solutions for naturally controlling ticks in your backyard. Lastly, we’ll cover other preventative measures that can assure your family is safe from ticks all year long.


What is organic tick control?

Organic pest control is the safest method for eliminating pests, including ticks. By natural, this could include household remedies, in addition to those you ask for from your local pest controller. Though organic tick control can be performed by your pest controller, traditional methods have been proven more effective in the short and long term. 

Organic tick control using proprietary blends of oils and other herbal compounds act as a deterrent. TIcks are naturally put off by individual plants and smells, and won’t choose to inhabit an area with these known deterrents. Many essential oils can kill ticks, but more importantly, they will create a barrier around your home.


Organic tick control - eucalyptus oil


How to control ticks naturally?

Are you looking to keep chemicals out of your home? If you’re trying to stay eco-friendly, using all-natural and organic products, then you’re probably interested in tick-control using things you can find either around your home or from an all-natural source. Let’s take a look at the popular herbal remedies you can use to keep ticks out of the yard and away from your home.

Cedar Wood Oil

The most popular natural product for getting rid of ticks is cedarwood oil. This is easily sourced and used around the perimeter of your home. Cedarwood oil should be sprayed every six weeks for the best effects, in addition to wood piles, brushes, and any wood line your property might have. 

Cedarwood oil works by suffocating the ticks and their eggs. This all-natural product works throughout the entire life cycle of a tick from larva to adult. Safe around children, pets, and adults, cedarwood oil, is highly effective for all-natural treatments. 

Eucalyptus Oil

This all-natural approach isn’t as practical as cedarwood oil, but it still provides some protection against ticks. Most will use eucalyptus oil for personal protection, applying to the skin every 4 hours. It has a mild, more neutral smell, versus mint and citrus that can be on the pungent side.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is vegetable oil, extracted from the seeds of the Neem Tree. This is a naturally occurring pesticide that is easily sourced, inexpensive, and safe. However, neem oil should not be given to pets, unless diluted, as it can have adverse effects. Neem oil is applied to the skin, similarly to eucalyptus oil.


Other Preventive Measures 

We’ve covered all-natural remedies for keeping pests out of your yard. But if you are looking to gain even more protection, there are a few more approaches you can take. The first being to reduce any damp areas around your home. If you have a septic tank, for example, that is leaking or overflowing the drain field, having this problem addressed could reduce the ticks in the area. Ticks love moisture and overgrown grass. Keeping your lawn mowed and reducing damp areas can make your space less inviting. 

If you’re not crazy about applying essential oils around the perimeter of your home or worried that you may have used it incorrectly, talking with your local pest controller is always an option. Preventative pest control with the most effective chemical pesticide Permethrin has long been the deterrent and tick extermination choice for homeowners. It is completely safe and provides protection longer than all-natural.



Ticks can be a horrible nuisance in anyone’s yard and home. If you’re concerned with the possible transmission of diseases such as Lyme disease or would like to ensure your family’s safety against these pests, tick control is likely the best solution. Though organic tick control has been proven effective such as with cedarwood oil, there is no comparison to the professional pest services you would find at Bug Guys Pest Control. Are you ready to take control of your yard, and make it a tick-free zone? Contact us today to learn more about our services and to receive a free estimate. Give us a call at (442) 227-8409 or visit us online.