Routine pest control is necessary for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you live in an area with a common mouse problem or run an office and need to keep it clean for clients and safety purposes, getting routine pest control services is often vital. Regardless of which common pests you are spraying for or working to prevent, there are a few things you should do afterward to make sure your home or office is safe after treatment. It may depend on the treatment being done or the chemicals used, but you may have to vacate the building.

  • Make sure you understand how long you need to stay out of the building – so waiting for the recommended time is crucial before you settle back in.
  • When you do get back inside, make sure to discard any food that had been left inside or outside.
  • Even with organic or green pest control treatment, this food will not be safe for consumption and should be thrown in the garbage.
  • However, even as you come in and throw discarded food out, do not immediately begin to clean – a great pest control technician will never leave behind a mess.
  • Plan your next cleaning for a week afterward at least.

If there are any leaking taps or faucets in your home, make sure they are fixed immediately. These are often a great entrance into your home for pests, and especially after a treatment, you want to do what you can to prevent re-infestation. Along the same lines, do not leave paper around (especially wet, brown paper) because it attracts many different types pests into your home. When you do get a chance to clean and pick up, use gloves when you clean surfaces for the first time after treatment because of the chemicals used.

Do not become complacent about pest control. Whether you are using preventative measures or consistently see one type of pest in your home, keep checking for pests. You may find dead pests after treatment, and these dead pests may even attract other live pests. If you continue to have issues after a pest control treatment, contact your pest control professional – The Bug Guys Pest Control.


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