Has the Coronavirus pandemic made you stir crazy? Can you not wait to get out of the house and start traveling again? For those who want to go on vacation or just need to go for work, you may be wondering — is it safe? 

It seems as though the Coronavirus has ruined many plans for individuals and families this summer. However, we can resume activities with careful planning, from traveling to staying in hotels. Hotel chains across the US have announced plans to upgrade their cleaning practices to ensure sanitized surfaces for their employees and guests. It is an effort to mitigate risks for guests and employees. Many have taken extra measures, making it safer for travelers to get back out and enjoy sightseeing, vacations, etc.

In this article, we will discuss if staying in a hotel right now is safe. We will also touch on what you should know before booking a room, arriving, and how to protect yourself while on vacation away from your home. Lastly, we will go over essential questions you should be asking your hotel to ensure you and your family’s optimal safety.


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Is it safe to stay in a hotel right now?

Lockdown measures have eased in some areas, which has opened ways for travelers to get back to their vacations and travel plans. Depending on your location, city, and state ordinances, hotels may be open for business now. Most have reopened their doors, but have modified fundamental cleaning practices and policies to ensure everyone’s safety while enjoying their stay. But are they safe enough? 

In general, staying at a hotel will carry similar risks to that of being in your home. At home, your rooms will not be exposed to anyone else other than you and your family. In hotels, with proper social distancing, your stay can be pleasant without too much worry. The real question is, how the hotel will handle disinfecting between guests. This is where the debate has opened up — whether we should be booking hotels for leisure versus delaying the travel until the pandemic is over. 

The good news for those eager to stay at their favorite Marriott, Holiday Inn, or Hyatt location, hotels are taking precautions to make your stay safer.


What should you know before staying in hotels?

There are many points in which you might come in contact with bacteria and viruses when staying at a hotel. It’s essential to be vigilant in what you’re touching and to wash your hands frequently. Personal hygiene is an excellent way to safeguard you and others against the transmission of diseases and viruses. Before booking your room, consider these factors:

  • Can the hotel provide a room cleaning history?
  • Did the hotel have a disinfection service done, in addition to regular cleanings?
  • Do they have a social distancing plan in effect?
  • Does the hotel provide guests with hand sanitizer?
  • Do housekeepers disinfect their hands before making the beds, hanging towels, etc.? 

Below are just a few practices you may see hotels practicing for better protection and prevention of spreading the Coronavirus.

  • Frequent handwashing
  • Placement of hand sanitizer
  • Training staff to avoid close contact-social distancing
  • Comply with food safety when handling breakfast, sanitize all dishes, cooking, and serving utensils.
  • Train housekeeping with the latest procedures
  • Familiarize staff with new cleaning procedures such as disinfecting wipes and frequency to clean.


Are guests being screened?

This will be an easy question to have answered. If you’re not being screened when checking in, then it’s highly likely that others aren’t being screened either. Hotels should be calling guests before their stay to determine if they have been exposed to anyone testing positive, and whether or not they have a fever. These factors can help prevent the spread.


How does the hotel protect its guests and staff

Ask the hotel what type of cleaners they use and how frequently they disinfect surfaces in the main lobby area. What do they do to ensure sanitation of the guest rooms? All hotels should be using EPA-certified cleaners that are effective against killing the Coronavirus on surfaces. They should also be washing bed linens and towels in hot water and detergent or sending items off for dry cleaning.


How does the hotel handle and manage infected guests?

Should the hotel have a problem with a guest that has an infection, what is their policy? Preventing the threat of contamination is the first line of defense. If someone exhibits signs of Coronavirus or has tested positive, the hotel should take action quickly. All surfaces should be disinfected, including the guest’s room and anywhere they may have been, including community areas like the gym, pool, or breakfast area. Additionally, card keys should be sanitized before the next use.


When was the last time your assigned room was occupied?

In addition to the cleaning practices the hotel, motel, or Airbnb have, you can also ask when was the last time your room was occupied. Rooms that have been vacant for some time may have lower risks of contraction should there have been asymptomatic guests who hadn’t known they were infected.


What is the occupancy rate of the hotel?

To ensure that social distancing practices are in place, is the hotel limiting the occupancy rate? These are left up to the community usually. Local and state restrictions based on square footage can limit the occupancy substantially.


How do they implement strict sanitation on the property? 

Many hotels will look to professionals like Bug Guys Pest Control for disinfection treatment solutions. This ensures that their properties maintain health standards for their guests, without worrying that their employees are not performing the disinfection procedures correctly. 

With commercial sanitation services for hotels, both the establishment and the guests can feel confident that everything is done to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19.



When staying in a hotel during a pandemic or even in the future, it’s important to know their standards in terms of sanitation, particularly the common areas and rooms. Contacting the hotel before check-in to ask about their policies is more than an acceptable practice in today’s circumstances. It is a must. Ask if they are using a professional company for disinfection treatments and their policies to safeguard you, other guests, and their employees. 

At Bug Guys Pest Control, we are pleased to provide residential and commercial customers with disinfecting services that can keep your home, hotel, office, or business sanitized against potential bacteria and viruses. Contact us online by clicking here and requesting a free quote, or give us a call today at (442) 227-8409!