Ants are a common household pest that annoys many homeowners at one point or another. They creep in when we leave a plate out, or love to get into the garbage we’ve forgotten to take out. Unfortunately, there are no permanent solutions to keeping ants away, but there are several practical ways that require upkeep in making sure that your home becomes unattractive to an ant infestation. Keeping ants out of your home means preventing them from getting in at all.

When you do see that you have a growing problem with ants, remember that eliminating the nest and the queen is crucial. The queen is the center of the colony, and she will continue to reproduce if left to do so. You need to spray the ants that you see in your home, but remember that these are just the workers and eliminating them will not remedy the problem. So, watch where the trail of ant goes and spray the colony itself. While not a permanent solution, this is often the end of said infestation.

Keeping your kitchen and home clean is a great preventative measure for preventing ants. Garbage bins should remain covered, and any bags of garbage should be taken outside. Do not leave food out overnight, and make sure to clean up spills – especially those with sweet foods or drinks – immediately. It includes not leaving dirty dishes around. You’ll never see ants ruining your good time at the Westin Mission Hills or the Village Festival or even in the Desert Ice Castle in Cathedral City.


Close up image of a red ant on white background.

If you want to keep ants from creeping in, you can check your home for even the minutest cracks. Make sure that there is no space for bugs to get in through doors or windows, and make sure that you don’t have any damage around the exterior of your home that would allow an ant to enter to your home. There is plenty of beautiful scenery in Palm Desert like the viewing arts in the CODA gallery as well as shopping on Rodeo Drive and experiencing local culture in El Paseo. When you’re out hanging out at a music festival such as Coachella or going back to the past at the Coachella Valley History Museum in Indio, you do not want to find that you’ve acquired a few hundred unwanted guests.

When you suspect that ants may get through or want to get ahead of an ant issue, sprinkle the area with baking soda, coffee grounds, or boric acid. These natural ant killers will not hurt your pets or children if ingested. If you find yourself unable to remove the ants that taking up camp in your home, you may call in professional pest control services immediately. An ant infestation can get out of control quickly, so if you cannot handle these pests, call an expert who can.


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