As the holiday time is creeping closer, most are trying to finalize their plans. With so many dinners to go to, finishing up Christmas shopping, doing gift exchanges, and enjoying time together, one thing many aren’t thinking about is pest control. As it turns cold, outside things will be heating up in your home, and this is an ideal for many pests to seek refuge from the cold elements.


Large Storage Containers

When it is time to put away all the holiday decorations, blankets, and miscellaneous items use a sealed large storage container. Pest, including rats, will make a nest of anything they can, and Christmas trees and blankets are a prime target. Storage containers are a cheap solution to keeping things not only organized but also rodent and pest free.


Sealed glass jars with different spices.

Keep Food Sealed and Stored

This concept cannot be stressed enough. Ants are prime house guest during the winter months because of the decadent food and cold weather outside. To ensure that your food isn’t attracting more than just your family, keep food contained. Food should be either kept in the refrigerator, or a sealed container is a dry place. Following this simple DIY can save you the headache of trying to remove unwanted pests throughout the winter season and all year long.


Ant and Roach Traps

Ant and roach traps can go a long way in a home. They can be hidden inconspicuously so that no one even knows they are there. Traps work around the clock to ensure that most of these pests are not where they should be. These should be placed near entry points to the home to stop them from getting any farther.


Inspect All New Clothing and Bedding

Even if you think they are fine, it doesn’t hurt to inspect any new bedding or clothing that arrives in your home this holiday season. If anything looks out of the ordinary, like spotting, or bug feces, it is probably best to throw the item away or wash in hot water.


When all else fails, and you find that a pest problem is more than you can handle. Or perhaps you have an infestation of bed bugs due to an infected article; it is best to call a professional bug control service. Some pests are harder to eliminate than others, and an expert is simply more equipped to handle the challenge. However, if you follow these few do it yourself tips for pest control this season, your exposure to an infestation can be drastically reduced if not eliminated.


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