Individuals will try almost anything to get pests out of their home. There are numerous do-it-yourself treatments that you can try. With the internet, it’s easy to get online and google ways to prevent pests in your home. What many homeowners forget is that this advice can come from anywhere. Here is some of the worst advice about pest control.


Fabric Softener Sheets

There is a myth that if you place fabric softener sheets around the house, you can keep cockroaches out of your home. It doesn’t happen. It can help keep your baseboards clean. It can even contribute to improving the smell around your home. However, it’s not going to do anything as far as keeping cockroaches out of the home.


Cucumber Traps

Cucumber traps have been said to get rid of roaches. It is when you take a fresh cucumber peel, and an empty aluminum can and put the skin in the can. The logic is that the cucumber reacts with the aluminum and creates an odor that will kill cockroaches. It doesn’t work. You just have a can with a peel in it.


Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is helpful in eliminating smells that attract pests and is believed to help deter them. There are those who believe that apple cider vinegar can kill ants. It is said that if you spray the ants with the vinegar or soak cotton balls in the apple vinegar and place the cotton balls around areas in your home that you have seen ants. The truth is that this concoction isn’t going to help you terminate insects. There are times that it has helped rid the home of insects for a minute, but the problem reoccurs. It doesn’t address the core of the issue and the reason the ants took up camp in your home, to begin with. The most apple cider vinegar is going to cause your home to smell like the vinegar.



There are those who believe that leaving soda out for mice to drink will help get rid of mice. Mice can’t pass gas. Because of this, people think that because the mice can’t pass gas, they will drink the soda and explode. That would be entertaining to see. A mouse running across the room that exploded because it drank soda. While you may dream about this happening, it’s not going to. Even if it were possible, the drink would go flat after a few hours. It would mean that every couple of hours you would have to put new soda out for the trap to work.


Chocolate pieces on a foil.


Many people think that chocolate can be used as bait for mice traps. The truth is that chocolate can attract mice. Chocolate can even be successful in trapping them, now and then. However, there are numerous reasons that this is a terrible idea. First, mice can easily escape the trap with the chocolate. If they can do this, then you are rewarding them for coming into their home. There are better choices for bait that you can choose from. Also, you run the risk of mice not being the first pest to find the chocolate. If ants or another type of parasite locate the chocolate first, you may have created another pest problem rather than resolving the one you have.


So, what to do?

The ideas that have been mentioned are terrible ways to try and rid your home of pests. The good news is that there are things you can do to minimize the likelihood that pests will make their way into your home. You can remove the clutter, close any openings, and make sure that you clean up any food sources and take out your garbage. These things can help keep pests out of your home.


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