What if getting rid of bees wasn’t as scary as it seems? What if instead of running away in fear, you could tackle the problem head-on, without injury to you or the bees? Pest control solutions for bee prevention from your local pest controller is the best option for maintaining a bee-free property. However, there are a few worthwhile bee repeller products on the market offering effective results at keeping bees away. 

Bee repellents can be divided into two groups. Some use chemicals to keep bees off the property, and then there are all-natural solutions. In this article, we will go over what bee repellents are, dive into the different types, and when to use them. 

What are bee repellents?

Bee repellents are anything that will keep bees away from your person or of your property. There are thousands of products on the market ranging from pods you can put in your yard to effective bracelets you can wear while in the yard. 

The critical thing to remember is that bees are crucial to our ecosystem. Responsible for pollination, bees do more than travel from flower to flower. They make the food system go round. Because of their importance, killing bees isn’t advised, instead of finding a way to neutralize them, safely getting them off your property, and then preventing bees from colonizing is the best tactic possible. 

Repellents are an excellent choice, as it won’t kill the essential bee population. Still, it can save you and your family from the possible downsides to having bees around, stings being the primary concern. For those that are allergic to bee stings, it is even of greater importance than they utilize repellants meant for prevention in addition to protection.

What are the different types of bee repellents?

There are two significant types of bee repellents. Those made for prevention and those for protection. Each work is different for keeping bees away from home. However, if bees do become a problem, there is another option available, pesticides. Pesticides can be purchased over the counter or provided by your local pest control company. Let’s take a look at each of these individually to understand better their function and when you might use these products.

Repel Bees for Prevention

Knowing what attracts bees is the key to giving yourself and property the best chance at keeping these pests at bay. Bees are attracted to anything sugary and sweet. This doesn’t seem unlikely given honey bees are responsible for creating one of the sweetest substances us humans indulge in. 

To prevent an uprising of bees on your property, consider limiting or mixing sweet with plants, bees aren’t very fond of. For example, you may love to have fragrant flowers in your yard, but these will attract bees quicker than you can say honey bee. In the midst of your garden incorporate natural remedies, the bees aren’t so attracted to that may mask the smell. These can include aloe vera plants or rosemary. 

Remember to keep trash cans covered. If you and the family are having dinner outside on the patio, remember to clean up very thoroughly, to limit sugar remnants that may attract not only bees but other insects too. 

Use Bee Repellent For Protection

Preventing can be only half the battle against bees, sometimes you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and protect the property from active infestations. You can protect your home by making sure that any areas that could be inviting are sealed up. This includes putting a screen on windows and doors. The goal here is to prevent scout bees from calling your property home. By applying a solution around the house, it informs scout bees that your home is not an adequate choice, and the swarm moves on.

Bee Repellent is an Effective Pesticide

If after all that work of making your home as unappealing as possible to bees, they still manage to create a high, pesticides may be the final straw. There are a few types you can use, and each has its own pros and cons. The biggest drawback to over the counter pesticides is how bad it can be for your health and the environment.  

Though it would help if you remembered, not all pesticides work against bees. One product can claim it can kill ants, roaches, bees, wasps, flys, termites, and more, but this is mostly false advertising, as one pesticide can’t eliminate all of these effects and still manage to be somewhat safe. The best choice, if you have an active bee problem like carpenter bees, is to contact your local pest controller for professional treatments with top-grade pesticides. 

Top 15 Bee Repellent Products on the Market

Are you curious about what the best products are for repelling bees? There are a ton on the market, and it can be not very easy deciding which is the top option. It would be best if you considered cost plus the effectiveness of the product.

Below is our list of the top 15 products you can purchase either online or in stores for repelling bees.

  1. Spectracide Ground Bee and Wasp Spray
  2. Burt’s Bees – 100% All-Natural Herbal repellent
  3. Quantum Health Buzz Away Extreme
  4. Burt’s Bees All Natural Outdoor Spray
  5. Bad Bug Pest Repeller
  6. Blythewood Bee Company- Natural oils
  7. BH-Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  8. Bonide Spider and Ground Bee Killer (Dust)
  9. Spectracide Bug Stop
  10. Evergreen Pyrethrin Dust
  11. BioAdvanced Carpenter Bee Killer
  12. Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus
  13. Buzz-Off Anti Mosquito and Bee Bracelet
  14. Bugband- The Original

Professional Bee Removal Services

While these products may be good at repelling a few bees, they won’t do much against a giant hive. It is essential to contact an experienced pest controller or beekeeper to handle the situation safely. In most cases, the technician will need to locate the hive and remove it carefully, transporting away from the property. 


With so many different products on the market for getting rid of bees, it can be confusing making a purchase. However, you should consider alternatives to killing bees as they are an intricate part of our ecosystem. Consider one of the products on our list for repelling bees, and including a professional pest control service for better preventative results or removing them from your home. Bug Guys Pest Control proudly offers bee removal services throughout the Coachella Valley. Contact us today for effective bee removal services.