Pesky ants are making themselves known the warmer it gets. Whether they appear on the outside or inside of a home, they are unwanted. Ants come in a variety of types and are the most common household pests. They are quick breeders who allow their quantity to spring up overnight seemingly.

Group of black ants feeding on a green slime. The motivation for most ants is to have a place to live and find an adequate source of food. Think about any time you have dropped food on the ground outside, like ice cream, for instance. If you revisit a day later, or even hours later, the food will be swarming with ants. These creatures love habituating with people because we provide an exceptional amount of food for them to feed on. There are slight differences between the types of ants you might see depending on whether it is outside or inside. However, any kind of ant can be found in either location.

Odorous House Ant

These little brown to blackish ants are one of the frequently seen ants in the home. They thrive on sugar foods. Odorous House Ants are usually found in the kitchen or scampering near the lining of the walls. They get their name because of the odor they give off when killed or smashed, and it isn’t a pleasant smell. Some relate the smell to rotten fruit or blue cheese.

Carpenter Ants

As one of the most abundant types of ants, the carpenter ant behaves differently than others. This species has zero desire to mingle with humans and live in the home. They are content to live outside, and as such create colonies in the yard. They can frequently be a nuisance to those that like hosting outdoor parties, especially if food is involved. Coachella ant exterminators can spray or set or use other systems to keep your yard free of these pests.

Pavement Ants

These ants are both an indoor and outdoor annoyance. Their name, pavement ant, give some indication of where they are most likely seen, but they aren’t picky. They will enter your house and scour for food, just as many other types will. The unique feature of these ants is they will battle each other. Pavement ants are small and usually black.

If you are having difficulty controlling ants inside or outside your home, it may be time to call Coachella pest exterminators. Several pest control treatments can be used to discourage ants from your property this summer!


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