During the summer, pests will start making their appearance known. Your home, if not protected by Bermuda Dunes pest control services you may find that your home has a few extra guests running around. To better keep your home pest free, you should consider having a treatment done from a professional pest control every couple months. But what pests can you expect to see this summer that will be a major annoyance?

Close up side view image of a black ant Ants

Ants can be one of the trickiest insects to eliminate from a house. They are small and find their way into your home through cracks in the doors and windows. Ants will seek out a food source and houses are perfect settings for them. However, many types of ants don’t want to be inside your home but will venture inside to find food. This is why you should always keep food adequately stored in containers or off the counters. Bermuda Dunes insect control can apply pesticide around the outside and inside of your home to limit the number of colonies.


Cockroaches are considered annoying because of their size and from their creepy crawly vibe. Cockroaches love being around damp, dark areas, for this reason, you may find them under sinks and in basements. They will seek out an area that that is habitable and will multiply quickly.


Spiders are one of the most hated pests. They are small and have the ability to travel great distances quickly. Because of their size, entry into your home is relatively easy for them. Bermuda Dunes pest control company, The Bug Guys Pest Control can help reduce spiders around your house by treating the interior and exterior of the property.

Group of young rodents sleeping on white background. Rodents

It’s getting hot outside! When the temperature warms up, rodents will be looking for a cool place to make their home. What better place than an open house with air conditioning and a food buffet? To rid your home of rodents such as mice and rats consider animal trapping services. Attempting to remove any rodent from your house on your own can be somewhat dangerous. Mice and rats carry diseases and can bite if provoked or feel threatened.

Keep your house pest free with routine pest control visits from your local Bug Guys. Don’t let your summer be ruined by pests running rampant around your home. There are treatments that are highly effective against these top 4 intruders.


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